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Hi Everyone

I recieved this email today …. it gave me a giggle

No Time to Brag
By: Author Unknown

Two geese were about to start southward on their annual
migration, when they were entreated by a frog to take him
with them. The geese expressed their willingness to do so
if a means of conveyance could be devised.

The frog produced a long stalk of pond grass, got the geese
each to grab an end with their beaks, while he clung to it
by his mouth in the middle. In this way the three began
their journey. Some farmers below noticed the strange
sight. The men loudly expressed their admiration for the
travel device and wondered who had been clever enough to
discover it. Whereupon the vainglorious frog opened his
mouth to say, “It was I,” lost his grip, fell to the earth,
and was dashed to pieces.

Moral: When you have a good thing going, keep your mouth


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