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Stop Worryiing

Ninety-seven per cent of the thoughts you have each day (and women can have up to 80,000 thoughts) are the exact same thoughts you had yesterday.

And it’s likely that a large number of those thoughts are negative.

This means that you potentially  have 60,000 negative thoughts repeating every single day.

This drains you emotionally, mentally and physically.

Stop worrying about stuff that you can’t do anything about.

It is what it is.

You can only control outcomes of things in your control.

You can’t control the weather, other people or the traffic..

 The best you can do is control your reactions to these things.

Make a list of everything you have worried about in the last year.

Do your best to think of everything.

Now go through and check off anything that has actually happened.

You will find that only about 10 per cent has actually come true. But don’t focus on that…
Now look over at all of the other items on the list that haven’t come true.
Now think about all the time and energy you spent worrying about them.

Stop Worrying
Worry is not a productive use of your time?

Today I am Grateful For …

I am grateful for a lovely Coffee wuth my friend Roslyn last night (even if I did spill it all overmyself  … but at least 
I laughed about it  LOL)

I am grateful that I was able to see my two lovely Girls Cassandra and Sam last night when I picked them up from the Airport

I am grateful for an extra helpful Optus Service Person this morning

I am grateful for receiving some amazing motivational books in my PO Box today … I have been waiting for this program for a while … and it looks amazing

I am grateful for my lovely Friend Julie – we have know each other since grade 8 … and she is always there for me … she will hug me when I need it and if necessary .. tell me it’s time to move forward … and she is there in my life for us to have girly fun together . Life has been a challenge at times for Julie, but she still has time for me … THANKYOU JULIE , I Love you XXXX

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Comments on: "30 Day Gratitude Challenge – Do You Worry About Everything" (1)

  1. What am I grateful for today?
    I am grateful for the lovely Telstra person on the other end who was very helpful when trying to sort out my phone challenges.
    I am grateful for the time spent today having lunch with my lovely friend Lea.
    I am grateful to my two gorgeous daughter for giving us (their father & I) gold passes to the movies, which we enjoyed this evening.
    I am grateful to my husband spending a lovely cosy evening having dinner at the movies with style.
    I am grateful for my two puppies Tessa and Koco with their overwhelming greeting whenever I walk back into the front door.

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