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Are You able to Receive

Giving and Receiving

I am one of those people who gives to others freely and that is a wonderful thing to be able to do …. but have never been good at receiving.

I was always giving to others …. my partner, my children , my job, my parents, my friends  ….. but soon becone angry, bitter and resentful about ‘always giving’  …. no-one ever gave to me …. Can you relate to this ?

What I discovered , was that people were giving to me all the time …. but I didn’t know how to receive !

I was brought up to be very independent … to do it all myself and not to rely on others …. but this belief was not serving me.

I  needed to learn how to receive from others.

Learning how to receive actually comes down to our self worth … maybe we don’t feel worthy or deserving of receiving ….

You are Worthy of Receiving

You are Good Enough

From Today Practice Receiving …

Recieve your own self love … give yourself a hig, and say ‘I love you’

Give yourself the gift of time … time to have a nap, time to have a bubblebath, time to spend with girlfriends

The next time someone compliments you …. just say ‘thankyou’ … don’t start making some excuse … eg. if your best friend complimented you on a dress you are wearing … don’t say … ‘Oh This old thing, or I got it on sale’ …. don’t make excuses …Just Receive the Compliment and say THANKYOU

Allow yourself to receive Gifts from others with arms, minds and hearts open and simply say thank you. Accepting a person’s gift is a gift in itself.

If someone offers to help … don’t say “it’s ok , I’ll manage” …. just say “thankyou, that would be wonderful”

Today I am Grateful For …

All of my new Newsletter Subscribers

Watching the huge Cruise ship that is berthed right in my front yard (TRUE!!!, I live next to the river)

My delicious, sensual body ….. I hope you are grateful for yours as well

A  yummy Mango and Spinach Smoothie for breakfast (YUMMY)

Time to sit down and paint my nails in a divine colour

I would love you to leave a comment about your journey with being able to receive.

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