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Heart Speak with Spirited Womens Network

Hi everyone

Natalie from Spirited Women’s Network , is hosting a Teleseminar on Heart Speak and I happen to be one of the Guest Speakers. The details are below … please visit the link below to register for the call.

Teleseminar – Heart Speak – Wednesday nights at 8.00pm Brisbane Time.

 Ever wanted to know how to speak from your heart more effectively? This four week teleseminar series explores the concept of using heart speak with partners, children, yourself and in business.

 The first teleseminar on Wednesday 2nd February is with Kim Gillespie of Savvy Inspired Women as she talks about heart speak to ourselves.

 The way we speak to ourselves can have a dramatic impact on all areas of our lives. How honest we are about our feelings, how kindly we associate with ourselves, how we support ourselves through self-talk all have a direct influence on the world we create. Kim helps women to learn to love themselves and when you learn ” how to love and adore the woman in the mirror, life becomes a magnificent adventure, you radiate confidence, feel vibrant and ooze juicy femininity, your relationships improve, you feel happier.”

 To participate you can either –


 You can listen to the recording for 48hrs after the event at this link also.

 PHONE IN – Phone 0011 1 617 449 7724. Conference ID 916494#. An international phone card (from the newsagents) will allow you to call in for around $2.00 an hour.

 I hope you will join us on this call.

Warm regards,

 Natalie and Kim xxx

Ps. If you would like to be able to listen to the other guest speakers you will need to enter your details in the subscriber box on the website


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