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Get Happy

 Hello Beautiful

 Do You Love Your Life?

Here are 5 Tips on How To Fall in Love with Your Life Again!

 How to Fall In Love with Your Life Again

1.       See yourself as others do – Learn to appreciate what makes you unique. Take time to see yourself through the eyes of a friend. Imagine if they were asked to describe you – would they mention your dress size, your stretch marks, your cellulite or the fact that you are always late? I don’t think so – they would focus on everything they love about you! Start seeing yourself the way others do.Write down all the compliments that you can remember being given, and then simply stick the list on your bathroom mirror as a reminderGive compliments as well – praising others raises their self-esteem and yours.

 2.       If you make a mistake don’t beat yourself up …. Look at it as a learning experience and move on. 

3.       Set realistic standards – those who try to be perfect are some of the unhappiest people around. Throw away the ruler you are using to measure yourself with.

 4.       Stop comparing yourself to others, usually they are no happier than we are, we just assume they are!

 5.       Think about a time when you were really happy – what was happening in your life at the time? What has happened since then? Did you spend more time with friends? Go out more? Was it a certain activity or dance class that you loved? Did you have more time to yourself? Try to recreate what it was – do you need to reconnect with friends, discover what you are passionate about, join a club and try something new, attend a workshop or course?


Some questions to ask Yourself

What are my top 5 Values?

What Inspires Me?

How does it get any better than this?

What do I want I my life, in the next 5 minutes, 5 Hours, 5 Days, 5 Months, 5 Years?

 To learn how to reconnect with your Self Worth and Love Your Life Again and also receive your FREE Online Course ‘The 2 Steps to Fabulous’ please visit

 Kisses Kim xxx

PS. – I’d love to read your answer to the question above – What Inspires You?

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