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How to Create Your Luscious Goddess Life

The Goddess Guide to Creating Your Luscious Life

Life Coaching for Women

Create Your Luscious Goddess Life

Hi Gorgeous

We are living in exciting times! We have the opportunity to create and live a wonderful life, full of purpose and meaning yet so many of us don’t.

We put up with jobs we don’t enjoy.

We settle for mediocre relationships

We struggle financially
 We say to ourselves … I’ll live my life when the kids are grown …. when I have saved a little more money   … when I retire

… and we live day after day,exactly the same as the day before.

We are desperate to change, but we don’t know where to begin, let alone what to do.

And, eventually our hopes and dreams simply vanish.

Well beautiful, it’s time to put an end to the waiting … and to take the FIRST STEP to Designing Your Life!
Darling one you can create whatever you desire.

You are powerful beyond measure.

Dream Big,

Dream Lusciously because anything is possible.

Here are 17 Steps to Living Lusciously ….

1.Clear the Clutter – Emotional Clutter, Physical clutter and Body Clutter.

2. Create your sacred space for yourself.

3. Ask yourself this question: “If you knew you were going to die in a year, would you still be living the life you’re living?” If the answer is no, you might want to rethink things.

4. Let go of what does not serve you

5. Identify your dreams and desires, if you can’t figure out what you do want, get clear on what you DON’T want.

Dream BIG … don’t limit yourself

Write answers to this question ….. “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if …… “

6. Don’t worry about the “how to”

7. Fire your Inner Critic – Dump the guilt, blame and shame

8. Surround yourself with positive, supportive people

9. Hire a coach or mentor

10. Ask the Universe for what you desire

11. Set Your Intentions

12. Take Inspired Action

13. Allow yourself to RECEIVE

14. Practice radical self-care …. Nurture your body, mind and spirit

15. Express Gratitude

“I am so happy and grateful that ……. “

“Today I feel so happy and grateful because ……”

16. Write in your Journal every day

 17. Believe in YOU – Darling one you can create whatever you desire. You are powerful beyond measure. Dream Big, Dream Lusciously because anything is possible

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Now Beautiful take a leap of faith and fly!

If you would like to apply for a FREE Discovery session where you will Discover What is Holding You Back from Creating your Dream Life and receive your FREE Online Course – “The 6 Steps to Fabulous’ please visit my website

Dream Big

Love Passionately

Live Lusciously


Kim xxxx

The 10 Biggest Lies We Believe as Truth

I Just read this great blog post by Steph from Trading Pounds

The 10 Biggest Lies We Believe as Truth and How to Break Free of Them

These lies held power over my life for far too long. Every thought, decision and action controlled by them. It wasn’t until I started working with a personal coach, that I was able to see them for what they are and realize their power was mine to reclaim. I had given it freely to them, and I was free to take it back at any time.

But that meant changing my life and it is a part of our natural human condition to fear change. But I’ve learned that the choice to change, to stop believing in the things that don’t serve our best life, is where true power lies . . . weight losing, dream chasing power . . . The kind that gets you where you want to be.

Lie #1 :: I Don’t Have Time
You are given the same 24 glorious hours every day as the rest of us. The real issue isn’t a lack of time, it is a lack of willingness to create what that time will be used for in your life. Even when you sacrifice 19 hours of those days to sleep, employment, meals and commuting, that leaves 5 hours open for creating something great. How many more of those hours are you going to give so frivolously to emails, cat videos on YouTube and boring television shows?
Lie #2 :: I Don’t Want To
You know that feeling when your entire body is physically in protest of doing something? When you get completely and emotionally upset over a thought, choice or idea? When you physically and emotionally respond to a choice, that’s your lizard brain fighting extra hard to keep you standing perfectly still (the physical response) because this is exactly the direction in which you should move and your heart knows it (the emotional response).

To read more of the Lies we tell ourselves, just click this link    (I resonated with Lie No 9!)


Kim xxx

The Goddess Guide to Life

“She dances to the sound of the ocean, her partner is the wind. They sky and the sun watch in joy as she dances and laughs. Each breath is a new beginning for her to love more. Sharing her joy and love with all life is The Color of a Woman’s Heart” ~ Casey Leasure

Hi Beautiful, here are some tips to help you Unleash Your Inner Goddess and Love Your Life

1. Watch your thoughts – Be careful what you think, our thoughts create our reality. When we have thoughts of misery, poverty, lack, despair, loneliness, fear and anger, we attract the people and situations that will bring more of that to us. Your life can be as wonderful or as horrible as you allow, it all depends on the thoughts you practice.

Everything we do in life whether positive or negative has a payoff.

What payoff do you get for being sad and unhappy?

What payoff do you get out of not having enough money?

What payoff do you get from feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

What payoff do you get from being unfit?

What is the upside to staying where you are?

2. Let go of your old stories Every time you tell your ‘victim’ story, you recondition your subconscious mind and instruct it to re-record that same old story. What would you prefer? To grumble each day about how miserable your life is and live that as a self-fulfilling prophecy, Or to believe life is wonderful and each day holds new and exciting adventures for you? When we complain, judge or blame anyone else we are really blocking off the things we really want in our lives by preventing the good flowing in. when we focus on what we don’t want, especially with disempowering emotions such as fear, anger and worry, we get even more of what we don’t want. How would you like to feel instead? When you allow your mind to shape your destiny, wonderful things start to happen. If you need help letting go of your old stories and beliefs, coaching may help, just visit my website for more information.


3. Let go of what is draining you – old beliefs and stories, clutter (emotional, spiritual and physical clutter), people?


4.Create a new truth, our truths are not set in stone, they are fluid and dynamic. What is your new truth?


5.Meditation – when we take time to relax and really listen to and connect with what is really going on in our heart, we will find peace. Some people call the voice intuition, a gut feeling, Spirit, Angels, God or Goddess. Most women, due to their hectic lives have forgotten how to listen to it and have become disconnected from their Inner Goddess. A great way to reconnect with your Inner Goddess is to quiet your mind and go inward during meditation. Start with as little as 5 minutes morning and night.

6.Live Your Purpose – Sometimes when we are off track, life gives us a shove, and it’s normally something we don’t like. Maybe you find your job boring and suddenly you’ve been made redundant. Or maybe you say, my partner drives me crazy, and the next thing he is flirting with someone else. Have you ever said, I’m exhausted, but I don’t have time for a holiday, and find yourself laid up in bed for a week with the flu?

Often we fail to head the warnings in the early stages, we wait until things become desperate before we are willing to do something about them. Life whispers at first to us, and when we fail to listen, it gets louder and louder, but if we fail to notice then sometimes it gives us a nasty wake up call. This may be a job loss, the death of a loved one, an illness or accident or the end of a relationship. It will do this to make us wake up enough to realize what we are doing is not working and that we have to change the way we are thinking, behaving or living.

Are you doing what makes your heart sing?

Are you with people who love you and you love?

Are you doing what you came here to do?

What is the difference you are on this earth to make?

What will you be remembered for?

What is your legacy?

When you align yourself with your true purpose, life becomes effortless. When we are doing what inspires us and uses our unique gifts and talents, we will feel fulfilled. Life will support your every move and you will attract the right people to you. If you need some guidance to living your purpose, I offer a 60 minute life purpose numerology coaching session, just go to my website to find out more


7. Ask powerful questions –

What can I do differently?

How can things be even better than this?

What inspires me?

What brings me joy?

What makes me feel beautiful?


8. Create a new vision for your life. Write out what you want in your life as if it is happening now. Write out the next 5, 10, 20, 50 years. Be big and bold, dream big gorgeous one.

– The first step to manifesting your desires is to first identify what it is that you want

– Visualize what you really want – see it, smell it, taste it and hear it as if it has already been accomplished.

– Attach a desire to it and fall in love with your desires

– Believe that it will happen

– Let go of the outcome

– Be grateful for its accomplishment, even though it has not yet manifested

– Set an intention

– Read your vision aloud every night just before you go to sleep

– Take inspired action

– Be open to receive

– Watch your dreams and desires unfold


9. Look for Bliss in every moment – look for the things to appreciate. Ignore anything that does not please you, don’t pay attention to it, just look for the things that feel good. Practice feeling good and gratitude and the more you do it, the more you will manifest what you truly desire.


10. Create your perfect environment – look at how you are living and with whom. Make your home a refuge from the outside world and install a sense of beauty, harmony and femininity.


11.Love the woman in the mirror. In order to be deeply loved by another you must love yourself first. The most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself. Own your body, connect with your body and send loving thoughts to your body.

12.  Give yourself a pat on the back; tell yourself what a wonderful job you are doing


13.Nurture your body with sleep, gentle exercise, freshly cooked or raw foods, and reducing stress, visit a Day Spa and have a luscious massage and body treatment


14.Step into your feminine essence. Most women’s core energy is yin or feminine and most men are Yang or masculine, there are some women whose core is yang, while some men are predominately yin. A small number of people are evenly balanced between the two energies and can go either way. Although we tend to think of masculine and feminine energies as opposites, they’re not—they’re complementary. They create polarity; it’s the interplay of these energies that creates attraction. Unfortunately in our culture today, we are conditioning men to get too much in tune with their feminine side, while women are striving to keep up with and overtake men. We are taking over the male role both at home and at work. This lack of polarity totally wrecks relationships. So many women come to me with problems involving relationships, sex, intimacy, self-confidence, weight issues, career challenges and stress and more times than not it comes down to the fact that they are striving in their masculine energy. Now I am not suggesting that we become weak and go back to pre-women’s lib days. But too much masculine or ‘yang’ energy creates havoc with our hormones and menstrual cycle. Start to nurture your feminine essence with dancing, yoga, walking, playing, time with friends, creative pursuits, and move your hips.

15.Love Deeply and Passionately. tell your partner how much you love them, hug them and kiss….. passionately.  I’d love you to write down 10 things about them that you are grateful for … and then Tell Them (this works well for friends and family as well …. LOL except the kissing them passionately part)


16. Breathe. Our breath is our greatest source of energy and aliveness, yet most of us breathe just enough to stay alive. It is an instant way to activate your feminine essence and become present to the moment. Feminine essence is activated through the belly, hips, and pelvis—practice taking a breath that drops low into this region.


17. Be open to receive – Learning to receive is the greatest thing you can do. The limitation of money, the limitation of happiness and the limitation of love, is based on what you are unwilling to receive. Women are bad at receiving – we tend to give and give. It’s as if we don’t feel worthy of receiving. When we don’t allow ourselves to receive, we deny others the opportunity to give to us. Start accepting compliments.

Darling One, You hold the key to your happiness. 

Don’t put your life on hold for a moment longer.

Dare to give birth to the beautiful, magnificent goddess within.

Life is too precious for you to not live it fully

It is time to live your truth

Stop being a victim

Surrender and let go of your old thoughts and limitations

Connect with your purpose

Connect with your spirit

Connect with the goddess within

Join me as we hold each other’s hands

Let go of the familiar and Jump out into the unknown

The biggest risk you can take is to not take any risks at all

Let’s reawaken into the essence of who we really are

It’s time to let your light shine

Have a wonderful day

Love Kim

Savvy Inspired Women

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How to Rewrite Your Money Story

Rewrite Your Money Story

Women and Money

Why is it that women, who are so savvy in all other areas of their lives, cannot find the same competence when it comes to matters of money?

When you hear the word “money” what’s the first thought or feeling that comes to mind?

If you’re like many women, the subject of money is emotionally charged and brings up feelings of guilt, embarrassment, shame, blame and regret. For many of us, money is almost a love/hate relationship.

The amount of money you are letting in is equivalent to how powerful you are allowing yourself to be in the world. In my opinion, all money issues are self-worth issues.  It all comes down to how much you value yourself. If there are issues with self-worth (esteem), then there will be issues with net-worth. As women, our sense of self-worth influences our net-worth and vice versa. They are intricately tied; when your self-worth is low your finances suffer. On the other hand, when you are confident and empowered, money seems to flow to you easily and effortlessly. Your money is simply a reflection of how much you truly value yourself.


We need to Own Our Inner Worth and Heal our Money Story. 


Think About this Statement:

How You Do Money Is How You Do Everything

Or “Whatever is happening with your money is also showing up in your life”.

What feelings come up when you think about money?

Are they feelings of joy, gratitude, ease and flow or fear, worry, doubt and embarrassment?

Now think about other areas of your life and notice what’s happening here.

For example if you have feelings of scarcity or lack around money, where else is scarcity showing up in your life?

Right now I want you to think about your BIGGEST money issue.  It could be that you’re afraid to charge more.  It could be that you’re in debt.  It could be that you owe someone money or they owe you money.  It could be financial issues in your marriage.  It might be that you have no savings and you’re afraid for your future.

 Write down your biggest money issue here

My biggest money issue is:  ____________________________

 How do you feel when thinking about that money issue?

Do you feel fear? Panic? Guilt? Shame? Scarcity?

Do you feel sick when you think about this money issue?

When it comes to money you are either feeling joyful, abundant, relaxed, happy, and excited and secure … or you’re not! The majority of people do not feel expansion when it comes to money! What we want is to have more feelings of expansion and the good news is, is that at any moment you can switch and put your focus on something else. Over the next few days, just notice when you feel expansion and when you feel contraction.

The average person spends more time planning their family vacation than planning for their retirement.  I want to help you create your ideal life, one of health, wealth and happiness and It starts with getting smart about money

 You can start changing your money story by introducing 10 key concepts.

 1. Clear Your Money Clutter

“Money doesn’t come to chaos” and it’s true. The more chaotic your financial lifestyle, the less you will be able to attract money into your life.

Remember that money is not going to come into an environment where it is not wanted.   If you cannot handle the money you have now, how can you attract more? The Universe is only going to send you what you can handle.

As a rule of thumb if you have physical clutter, you have mental clutter as well.

What is money clutter?

Money clutter is basically avoidance.

 Here’s what money clutter looks like:

Avoiding paying your bills on time

Avoiding even opening your bills

Avoiding having money in the bank

Not talking about delicate money issues

Receipts and invoices are piling up

Not saving or investing

Racking up credit card debt trying to feel better

Avoiding having a potentially uncomfortable conversation with someone who may owe you money … or who you may own money to.

 Think about it … if you avoid, neglect, ignore, demand, criticize and disrespect money, why would money stick around?  If this was your closest friend, would she? However, if you pay attention to, honour and respect money for what it brings you, then you’ve opened the doors for more to flow into your life.

2. Heal Your Family Money Legacy

Whether we like it or not, our childhood experiences will determine how much money and success we feel we are capable of as adults. Were you someone whose parents struggled with money and now have a scarcity mindset when money is involved? Or were you given an endless supply of the things you wanted, including money? Whatever your situation was, you were learning from it the moment you were born. Our parents, relatives and friends were our most consistent teachers. We watched them struggle with paying the bills or their lavishness with money as a result of having a lot of it. Subconsciously, we took on their actions and created our own money stories that we carry with us still as adults. Luckily, we are not our inherited habits. We’re free-thinking human beings, and we can take charge of our actions. We are the deciders of our fate; if you want a life a filled with abundance, we can take meaningful steps towards that daily.

3. Uncover and Release your Out-dated Money Beliefs

Your beliefs are the core of who you are. Whatever you believe in your mind is what’s forming the results in your life. That is why you keep getting the same results in your life over and over again. You will attract events, circumstances, experiences, and people into your life that are in alignment with your beliefs. If you’re not experiencing financial abundance and prosperity, then I invite you to examine your beliefs you hold about money and wealth. Are you willing to give up old, worn out beliefs that do NOT serve you in order to live an abundant, prosperous life?

Have you ever said any of the following, or do you remember your parents saying it?

Money does not grow on trees.

Money is the root of all evil.

Money doesn’t grow on trees!

I can’t afford that!

You can’t be rich and spiritual!

Rich people are greedy and dishonest!

If I’m wealthy, my friends will be jealous and stop liking me!

I’m not smart enough to be wealthy!

I have to work harder if I want to earn more money!


Coaching Challenge

Over the next week, I’d like you to brainstorm a list of every message and belief that comes to mind about money, wealth, success and abundance. Write down any thoughts and feelings that arise from thinking about wealthy people versus poor people. Reflect on your beliefs about spending money, saving money and earning money.

Then ask yourself the following questions:

Which beliefs have limited your financial success?

Which beliefs have supported your financial success?

What beliefs need to be released?

What new supportive beliefs need to be created?

4. Change your story around money.

 The stories you tell yourself about money will keep you stuck.  Are you addicted telling people your story around money and that it has always been hard for you?  If so you need to be aware that it’s only a story and you can change it

5. Look at Money Differently

 Start looking at how you can be of service to others when you have money in the bank. Can you think of wealthy women role models who are making a difference with their money? If you had two million dollars in the bank, how would your life be different? How could life be more comfortable? How would you feel knowing you’d never have to worry about money? Which charities could you support? What could you do to help your family and friends?

6. Surround yourself with money queens instead of drama queens:

 You become like the top 5 people you associate with the most. Let go of people who complain about how miserable their lives are. Make sure you get the support of mentors that will hold you accountable and not let you slip into your old ways of worrying about money and doubting yourself. 

7. Set a Bold Money Goal

Most people think and start small in the hope they will eventually get around to living their dream. However, the secret is to think big from the beginning. Create a Bold Money Goal and then, create the success strategy needed to reach that goal. In this way, your vision and your strategy influence your action steps—and it’s your direct action steps towards your money dream, which determines what you will achieve.  It’s not too late to set some money goals for yourself for 2012, so if you haven’t already, why not make a promise to yourself that this time next year you’ll be in better shape financially than you are now?

Write down your goals for the next 12 months. Make your goals clear, measurable, and time-specific so you can track your success. Tape the list to your mirror, on your refrigerator, or on your bedroom wall, where you can read them and focus on them every day.  We really do attract the things on which we focus, so keep your focus on what you want in your life!

8. Think Differently.

 “Thoughts become things”. Your mindset does create your reality. It controls and influences your actions, choices and behaviours—all of which are important when pursuing and achieving any goal. This is why; if you want to experience greater levels of wealth you need to think differently—especially as your current thinking has created your current life experience. Ask yourself: “What would I have to think about myself and Who Do I Have to BE in order to earn my desired income and live the life of my dreams?”

 9. Be able to Receive

You cannot be rich if you cannot receive. So many women really struggle with this. On the one hand you want more abundance, more prosperity and more wealth. But on the other, you have huge resistance to receiving more.  The wealth you want already exists. It’s there. Waiting for you to receive it. Open your being to learning to receive once again. Receive love. Receive nurturing. Receive compliments. Receive money. Receive support.

I invite you to take an honest look at your money clutter this week and see if you can bring it to a higher state of order. Even if you are highly organized, see if there is some clean-up you can do. Show the Universe that you are truly ready to receive.

 Money and financial growth consciousness doesn’t come in flash. It may take months – maybe even years – to gain total control of your finances. But if you consistently follow these steps, that day will come. And when it does, celebrate!

I have a workshop coming up on Sunday 21st July –  Wealthy Goddess 

An Exclusive day for Women who are Ready to Change Their Money Story and Step into the Abundant Fabulous Life They Deserve

Money Goddess

You can set goals and say affirmatons until you are blue in the face … but if you don’t remove and replace your deep set money beliefs and rewrite your money story, you will hold yourself back from the success and abundance you desire … and deserve.

Just visit for more information on the workshop and money mentoring


Kim xxx

5 Tips to Help You Manifest Your Soulmate


5 Tips to Help You Manifest Your Soulmate

To attract a partner, the first thing you need to do is look at you. The quality of your life and relationships, is determined by the quality of your thoughts.

So, if you want to change your future and attract a loving new relationship, you must change what you are thinking about right now in this moment.

To find true love … you must be willing to grow beyond the person you are today. Because the person you are now, is the person who has created the experiences that you have already had.

 In order to attract an extraordinary love, we must first face our fears and our beliefs.

We must be willing to give up the emotional armour, we’ve grown used to wearing and become more vulnerable.

 How to Change Your Limiting Love Beliefs

1. Let Go of the Past  – You cannot attract your life partner, surrounded by your baggage. He will not be able to get to you physically, emotionally or spiritually. Before you can accept new love into your life, you need to release any past hurt you are still holding onto from the past.

Some of us find it difficult to attract the right relationship because we’re subconsciously holding onto negative emotions, such as hurt or anger. These unresolved emotions get in the way of joy, happiness and love. If we are ever going to move in the direction of creating a fulfilling, lasting, romantic relationship with an amazing partner, we have to take full responsibility for our past and clean it up.

It is easier to follow old patterns, making everything someone else’s fault …. It is easy to stay stuck in a world of negative emotion and hurt … and attract more of the same, but just in a different size and shape in the form of the next person you attract into your life.

2.Clear Your Limiting Love Beliefs  The first thing to realize is that even though there is a part of you that greatly longs for finding and being with the love of your life, there is another part of you that is scared of it as well. In fact, you are probably not even aware of all the fears you have that are getting in your way! This is true for most people. These fears create a push/pull experience where one part of you is moving in the direction of healthy love and the other part is putting on the brakes and holding you back.

How often have you said one of the following?

“I’m not good-looking enough.”

“All guys are looking for is some thin young blonde.”

“All the great guys are taken and those that are left are the ones no one wants.”

“I just can’t seem to meet anyone interesting or worth the effort.”

“I don’t ever seem to have any luck.”

“I’m just going to have to resign myself to being single forever.”

 “I’m too old”

“Men are only interested in sex”

 When you tell yourself things like this, you actually start to believe it. As a result, you close yourself off to possibilities. It’s amazing the lengths our minds will go to in order to reject love because we feel we don’t deserve it or that it’s too good to be true

The challenge is that if we are constantly telling ourselves that we are not worthy of being loved, then we will give off  those negative vibes … and when men pick up on those vibes , they run for the hills and we feel rejected. The more rejected we feel, the less worthy and less certain within ourselves we feel, the more negative energy we put out there and the more rejection we will experience.

This becomes a vicious cycle !

If you believe that men are jerks … you’ll meet a lot of jerks

If you believe that there are no good men out there … you’ll have a hard time finding any

If you believe men are untrustworthy … you’ll meet few men you can trust

If you believe all men are players … that’s who you’ll meet

If you are playing the record “I’m not good enough!” over and over in your head then most likely you will never be good enough.

 The thing is … this is NOT the truth of who you are!

But the power of belief is so strong that when you shift your perspective from the negative to the positive, miraculous things happen.

If you think that men are fantastic, you’ll see fantastic men everywhere.

If you think that men are in general trustworthy, you’ll find that men usually live up to your trust.

If you think that men need love just as much as women, then you’ll meet men who will appreciate your love everywhere.

 It’s as simple as changing your perspective. Our beliefs drive our behaviour, they can be our greatest friend, or our worst enemy, in the end, the choice is yours.

 Don’t look at others ….. change you …. and magically, the people you meet and how they treat you will change in accordance to that.

As adults, we have a wonderful opportunity to transform our limiting beliefs into more productive and positive beliefs, which then translate into a better life experience

You have an absolute freedom to choose the way you want to live and you can choose your own beliefs and ways to behave.

And the good news is, you can turn this around with a few changes in the way you think and behave.

Start to make an effort to change every negative statement into a positive one.

3. Affirmations   Affirmations are positive statements that work on the subconscious mind to shift beliefs. Affirmations are phrases you repeat to yourself on a daily basis. It is not important that you believe them at first – you will see the results anyway. Repeating a positive statement trains the mind to think in a new way.

Some examples of affirmations

Any man would be lucky to talk to me

I am confident and charming and fabulous

My life is complete

I have everything I need to be happy

I am lovable just as I am, and I am now attracting exactly the right love partner to me.

I am worthy of Love

I know that my soulmate is coming to me now

 4. Learn to Love Yourself First  If we’re looking for a relationship to make us happy, then we are going to be disappointed. The key and most important thing that any of us can do to create an ideal relationship is to do everything and anything that we can see to do to become happier and more fulfilled ourselves. 

When you are happy and fulfilled in yourself, then what you’ll discover is that meeting that perfect partner, being with that ideal mate, brings just an added joy, an added layer of joy and fulfilment to that happiness and joy that’s already there within.

…Before he can fall in love with you …. You are going to have to fall in love with you !

 Finding love has nothing to do with having the perfect figure, being successful at work or wearing the right clothes. It has everything to do with believing you are lovable. Unless you feel this way, you’ll never have a happy relationship. When you have a healthy relationship with yourself, you will give off ‘confidence vibes’ and people will be attracted to you – it doesn’t matter what shape and size your body is, IF you can learn to be comfortable in your own skin and you are happy with yourself, then others will pick up on this and they will quickly want to be around you. A balanced happy person is like a magnet.

5. The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction states that we draw to us the people, places, and experiences that match our state of being.

The good news for most of you is that you already know how to manifest. You’ve done it many, many times. Maybe you didn’t think of it as manifestation, but you’ve done it. Whether its creating a new job or new place to live, or parking place.

The Law Of Attraction is a universal law that works on this simple principle: Like attracts like – what you focus on expands. If you put a lot of focus on something you want, you’ll attract it. If you put a lot of focus on something you do NOT want (like being broke), you will attract it. So you see, when you think about something you want, your attention can be on the pleasures of having what you want, or the unhappiness of not having what you want. The Law Of Attraction will then bring more of what you are predominantly focused on into your life.

If you believe that you are unlovable, then you will be right and no-one will love you. If they try to, you’ll either talk them out of it, or you’ll get rid of them completely.

If you believe you are worthless, then you’ll be right as well, and you will find others who treat you poorly. And if you believe you are destined to be alone in life, then guess what? You’ll be alone no matter how much you want love and affection

If you want to attract the people, situations and circumstances that support the manifestation of love in your life, then you must feel love, believe that it is possible for you and claim it as your own. Believing that you can and will have love is the single most important thing you can do

 It all starts with a positive mindset – I can do this … I am worthy of Love …. I deserve a Loving Relationship

If you need some more help, then you need to book into our Stop Kissing Frogs and Manifest Your Soulmate Workshop

You will You Will Learn the Tools and Processes to:

– Detox your past of old partners, resentments and relationship drama

– Identify the barriers to love that are inside of you

– Release your painful feelings of Anger, Hurt, Sadness, Regret and Unworthiness

– Heal your deepest issues about worthiness and being loveable

– Break Free from the past and finally get resolution

– Learn the Relationship Attraction Tool

– Be able to move on to new fulfilling relationships

— Become a woman who is willing to risk opening your heart to love and to be loved fully and deeply.

– Experience a continual stream of synchronicity, magic and miracles

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What is Numerology and How Can It Help Me Discover My Life Purpose and the Perfect Career or Business for Me?

Intuitive Career Coaching

How can Numerology help me find the perfect career or business for me?

 – Do you have a feeling that there is something missing in your life?

– Are you are feeling lost, stuck and confused in your current career?

– Do you want to change careers, but are not sure which direction to turn to?

– Would you like to start a BUSINESS and are not sure what type of Business best suits your gifts, talents and purpose in life. 

– Or maybe you have been made redundant and believe this is the perfect time for career reinvention

– Or maybe you are seeking deeper purpose and meaning in your life?

Each one of us came into this life to follow a particular path that would lead us to fulfil our highest potential and enhance the lives of others through our great work.

Why is it that some people seem to have the best jobs in the world, while others struggle with what they call dead end jobs?

Look around you at those people living “charmed lives.” Chances are they’re just living true to their designated paths, they found their destiny early in life.

When you’re on your unique path, you feel impassioned by your own life and work, abundance flows to you, and your life is in harmony.

When you are not living in alignment with your soul purpose – nothing works well in your life; you will struggle and never quite feel as though your work is meaningful and fulfilling. This can result in: frustration, boredom, anger, depression or even chronic illness.

The good news is that we all have an owner’s guide book!

This guide book or blueprint is the way to get us moving back on track and living our life on purpose.

This guide is hidden within the vibrations surrounding the numbers of your birth date

‘When your work is in alignment with your mission, you prosper against all odds’ Sue Frederick

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers and uses those numbers to map the soul’s purpose and to show the way to a fulfilling life. It is used to determine a person’s personality, strengths and talents, obstacles, inner needs, emotional reactions and ways of dealing with others. Whether you use numerology to examine your life, take advantage of unexplored opportunities, confirm your talents or simply figure out where to go next, numerology can be a transformational  tool that helps you understand yourself and loved ones better.

Your Numerology Chart represents the instruction book you brought with you when you entered into life on planet Earth

The History of Numerology

The Greek philosopher and mystic Pythagoras, father of our modern number system, designed a theory of numbers based on the digits 1 through 9 in 580 BC.

Pythagoras taught that each number has a meaning or vibration and by adding the numbers within your birth date and reducing them to single digits, you reveal the nature of the work you came here to do.

In Pythagoras’ system every number has a positive and negative vibration which shows its potentials and challenges.

The numbers can tell us what lessons we came to learn and the challenges that we are going to face.  They also tell us what will make our hearts sing and what career or work would best suit us, along with the potential pitfalls of your path

When we come in on a birth path, we come with specific talents & gifts that we intend to share with the world through our work. If you are doing work that uses those talents you will feel fulfilled in your chosen career and life. If you are hiding out from your mission, you may have ignored, suppressed or forgotten your talents.

To uncover your purpose, you must get in touch with your inner self, pay attention to that small inner voice that whispers to you its need to create, take action on this information, and then manifest it in the world.  This will lead you to create work that you love to do.  And as a result, people will pay you for it. Having money allows you to do more of the things that you love to do in your spare time.  And it gives you the freedom of when, where, and how you choose to work.   

What is Life Purpose?

Finding and clarifying your life purpose can help you to move with greater focus and clarity every day of your life. Refining your life purpose can make it much easier to navigate these challenging times.

Everyone wants to have a fulfilling life. Unfortunately, many people miss a key ingredient to have it: finding their life purpose. They may spend years of their life only to find at the end that they have done the wrong things. Many others achieve fame and financial success but feel empty inside.

 Knowing Your Life Purpose

1. Gives meaning to everything you do. Your life purpose makes everything you do meaningful. You could be successful outside, but if you don’t find meaning you will feel empty inside.

2. It directs and guides you. Knowing your life purpose can give you a clear direction of where to go in life. It helps you make big decisions in life.

3. It motivates you . In life there are always difficult times to go through. You may experience failures or rejections. In such situations, your life purpose can give you the motivation you need to keep going.

Your Life Purpose is much more than a job. Your Life Purpose is your soul’s mission – it is what fills you with enthusiasm for life every day.  Do you wake up every day with the feeling that you can hardly wait to get started? If not, you may not be living the purpose you were born for.

Living in alignment with your purpose enables you to create the life you’ve always wanted.

Living your purpose will attract to you everything you want.

Your Life Path Number and Career Matching:

Your Life Path number is calculated using the numbers in your birth date and as such is unchangeable. Each numerology life path number has a meaning that expresses the inner traits that life will bring out for you over time and can help you realize the best career path for you. This can also help reveal the reasons behind why you may feel miserable in a certain job or life situations.

By letting you know what your exact life path number is and by guiding you on how you can make the most of its qualities, and also learn the challenges, gifts and talents of that particular path, you are one step further to living a life based on the mission your soul came on this earth to fulfil.

When you embrace your life purpose you can …

•Identify your motivation, values, qualities and talents

•Create a personal mission statement

•Unlock your innate passion and personal power

•Uncover your essence

•Bring meaning and fulfillment to your life

•Open to more joy and abundance

•Know and live your life purpose

You don’t need to take dozens of career aptitude tests or spend thousands of dollars on coaching, to find your perfect career. by understanding your birth path number as found in your birth date, you’ll be able to make easy choices that put your career or business in alignment with what you came here to accomplish.

An Intuitive Career Coaching Session using Numerology can help you life a happier and fulfilled life.

 Lets look at a few examples

 A person on the life path  4 is very task-oriented, likes organization, and thrives on the steps it takes to see a job well done. Life path number 4’s would make great small business owners, artists, and would work well in managerial positions. Famous Life Path 4’s are Will Smith and Hiliary Swank

A person with the Life Path 2 suggests that you are one of the peacemakers in society. You are a fixer, a mediator, and a diplomat and are known for your kindness and sensitivity. When you embrace your spiritual side, you are intuitive. Famous Life Path 2’s are Jennifer Aniston and Orlando Bloom

Let’s take a closer look at Angelina Joile who is a life path 5

A life path 5 is the charismatic adventurer, sensual explorer, freedom seeker and agent of change. You are not suited for routine and convention.

You came to this earth with a highly progressive mindset, with the attitude and skills to make the world a better place. The key word for your Life Path is freedom. In the pursuit of freedom, you are naturally versatile, adventurous, and advanced in your thinking. You are one of those people who is always striving to find answers to the many questions that life poses.

Your love of freedom extends to humanity at large, and concern for your fellow man, his freedom and his welfare, may be foremost in your mind

A love of adventure may dominate your life; you thrill to the chance for exploration and blazing new trails. You have quite a lot of the risk-taker in your makeup. Taking the conservative approach is just not in your nature.

On the negative side of the Life Path 5, you need meaning and purpose to anchor you, or life will get chaotic.

As a Gemini 5 life path Angelina has a powerful combination of beauty, brains and charisma. Her great work involves using this beauty, brains and charisma to make a difference in the global condition by calling out attention to problems that meed solving. When everyone wants to look at you, it is your responsibility to stand alongside the issues that matter. As you can see Angelina  is now doing her great work!

When you are not doing your true work and living true to your life purpose, nothing works well – from relationships, to career to finances!

Are You Doing What You Love?

Somewhere we picked up the false thought that we need to work in a boring unfulfilling career that we do not enjoy in order to get survive.

It isn’t surprising that at some point in our lives we get to the stage where we feel depressed, unhappy and disappointed with the way our life and career has turned out.

When our work is not in alignment with our life purpose, it won’t be successful and we won’t be happy.

But when we are firmly on our unique path, we feel impassioned by our life and our work. Abundance flows and your life is in harmony!

 If you are feeling STUCK in your current career?

 Or want to change careers, but are not sure which direction to turn to?

Or would you like to start a BUSINESS and are not sure what type of Business best suits your gifts, talents and purpose in life. 

Or have been made redundant and believe this is the perfect time for career reinvention.

Or maybe you would just like to know if your current business or career is fulfilling your life purpose

Or if you just need some direction in your life

Life Purpose Intuitive Career Coaching using Numerology can help guide you into the direction that is best for you.

Please visit my website .au to find out more

 You were born to succeed.

Your destiny is calling you.

Deep in your soul, you have always known your divine purpose.

Take this opportunity to discover the life you were meant to live

Words of Wisdom From a 15 Year Old Boy

Adarsha is a fifteen year old Indian American out to change the world as the executive director of Project Jatropha.

Tomorrow we’ll seize the day and throttle it! ~ Calvin and Hobbes

If today were my last day on Earth and I could share 500 words of brilliance with the world, here are the important things I’d want to pass along to others…All of us trip and fall at points in our lives. Some of us stay down, too scared from the pain to get up, or just too unwilling to work to get up. Some of us get up, but we are hesitant to go forward, and just stay where we are.

Some of us get up and move forward, slowly, but never with the pace and confidence that we earlier had in our stride. But there are a few of us who get up, dust ourselves off, and go forward stronger, learning from our mistakes and ready to take on any obstacle.

We fear falling down, and consequently slow our pace or stop completely so that we don’t get hurt. We fear pain, so we shorten our goals so that we can’t hurt ourselves in trying to achieve them.

But, is it worth giving up our dreams to avoid all pain? Is it worth giving up our hopes and goals to avoid something that is inevitable? Should we just lock ourselves away, along with everything we dream of doing? No. We cannot. We should not. We must not let fear dictate our lives.

We must not give up our dreams so easily. Too many of us live for others. Build our lives around what people want us, expect us, to be. Conform, mold, tear apart our true selves, our true ambitions, dreams, and goals, just to appease others. Your life is not somebody’s puppet, but you must take the strings into your own hands.

Do not give weight to other people’s jeers, their insults. Take them in stride, reflect on them, but don’t let them dictate your actions, your choices, your life.

Because in the end, it doesn’t matter what they think of you, what they see you as. Brave. Terror. Cold. Joyful. Heartless. Savior. All that matters is what you choose.

Source – Inspire Me Today


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Are You Sitting On a Nail?

 Here is a Story For You ….

“One day a salesman came to a little old fashioned neighbourhood with neat houses and big front yards. There were dogs on just about every front porch. Some of them barked as the salesman walked by and some of them just lay lazily in the shadow. But there was one particular dog that was acting strangely. He whined and howled as if he was in pain.

Preoccupied, the salesman knocked on the door of the house and an elderly gentleman came and asked if he could help him.

“Sir,”- replied the salesman, “I believe that there is something wrong with your dog. He is moaning and groaning, instead of barking like all the other dogs do.” The owner looked at the dog and said, “There is nothing wrong with him. He is just sitting on a nail”. “If he is sitting on the nail why does he not move?” – asked the salesman in astonishment.

“Well” – replied the old man – “it just does not hurt him bad enough” “

Many of us are caught up in a similar situation. We are sitting on a nail, but it does not hurt badly enough. We might want to get a better job, move to a bigger house, continue our education, open our own business, get back in shape, spend more time with our family, but the problem is that our current situation is not uncomfortable enough to do something about it. So in the meantime we continue to work at a job we do not enjoy, live in a small house, spend our nights in front of the computer, and feel guilty for not devoting enough time to our children. And worst of all is that we continue to hope that someday it will all change for the better.

But our life is not a result of the circumstances that we have been put in. It is a result of choices that we make.

Take a few minutes to think what area of your life is causing you the biggest distress and sufferings?

 What is holding you back from pursuing your biggest goals?

 What problem steals your energy and occupies your thoughts?

They say, that “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks to us in our conscience, but shouts in our pains”. There is no point in waiting till it hurts badly enough in order to start moving forward and getting back on the right track.

It is much wiser to start right now, when everything seems to be going well, by taking little steps to make our life even better.

 “You can’t cross the sea by merely by staring at the water.”   ~ Tagore

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How to Manifest the Life Of Your Dreams …. and Why Using Affirmations, Goal Setting and Vision Boards Doesn’t Always Work

Limiting Beliefs

How to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams

You may already be familiar with the Law of Attraction that states: What we focus on, on the inside, we create on the outside, or … We create our reality with our thoughts.

Millions of people are using affirmations, vision boards and goal setting for applying the Law of Attraction to create a desired outcome, for love, success, health or any life goal.  Proper use of these practices can catalyse wonderful positive changes in your life because, when you change your thoughts, you change your life.

But many people have found that they can state affirmations until they are blue in the face – and still have very little money in the bank, love, success and happiness!

I understand your frustration. I’ve been there. As a hypnotherapist, intuitive career coach, EFT practitioner, and life coach, for many years,  I have tried virtually every personal growth technique under the sun for creating positive change. I now know what works and what doesn’t.

What many Law of Attraction experts recommend saying Affirmations and doing Vision Boards … these are excellent mediums and I tell my clients to do these as well ….. , and with affirmations, most people simply think, read or state them, over and over. But the problem is ….  any change you manage to create just does not last: Just trying to force yourself through willpower alone is not very effective, because it will eventually fizzles out. And, if you are just trying to create change this way, it’s a lot of work! This is the very same reason why most dieters gain back all the weight they lost (and then some) within 2 years, why most people cannot quit smoking easily. 

Just setting New Year’s resolutions and affirming at the conscious level is not enough.

You may experience occasional progress, but it’s one step forward, one or two steps back and you keep slipping back into your old pattern again, despite your efforts.

Maybe some of what you are intending, visualizing and affirming is showing up. However, the changes are not showing up quite fast or as completely as you’d like. 

You still wonder: Why is this taking so long? And why do I sometimes attract something, only to lose it again? Sometimes you feel, “I am prosperous. I can attract and receive wealth.” Or “My perfect soul mate is on the way.” But you still find yourself sometimes resonating with and feeling positive about these statements and images and feelings, but most of the time doubting them. 

You affirm and visualize but then slip back and think: “Yeah, right. What about all those bills?” or “I seem to keep attracting the wrong kinds of partners. I’m better off being alone.” 

You are still struggling, trying to make yourself believe it. But it just doesn’t feel real.

For example, one of my clients, Lisa, was struggling with trying to manifest more money yet still kept experiencing fear, lack and struggle. While she was affirming, “I earn $10 000 every month with ease and grace” over and over, part of her still did not believe this was true. Subconsciously she was running several common limiting beliefs about money that will keep her in debt and struggling forever until they are totally released and transformed. Even worse, a deeper part did not even believe she deserved it, so no matter how many affirmations she said, the money did not show up. Her unconscious program was still running: “I’m never going to be wealthy,” and “I always run out of money, there is never enough.”

Then there was Glenys who kept affirming “I am with my Soul mate’ … the problem was, she was running deep limiting beliefs that told her … ‘I am destined to be alone’, ‘Men hurt me’ and “I’m not good enough” … with beliefs like that, Glenys will never find deep, lasting love until she releases these beliefs.


So how can you raise yourself up, so your belief is strong and consistent?

  1. Involve as much of yourself as you can while stating your affirmation. This is done by really engaging your imagination, seeing your desire, hearing it, touching it and focusing on really living it as your 100% truth. Creative visualization is a powerful key. Thus, in addition to simply thinking, reading and saying your positive thoughts, you are involving more of yourself by singing them, dancing them, writing them, creating Vision Boards and so on. You need to see it, hear it, touch it, and really resonate with your affirmation as a total truth.

2. Focus on the feeling of joy your desire brings you. It’s absolutely essential to feel the associated positive emotion because this raises your energetic vibration so you are attuned with your desire and helps attract it to you. Affirming from the energy of abundance and happiness effectively magnetizes your desire to you, whereas if you are feeling frustrated, fearful and impatient, this repels your desire out of neediness and lack. The feelings of Joy and Love magnetically attract your heart’s desire to you.

3.       Be Grateful! Appreciate and Enjoy what is here right now.  Look around you! Your life is BRIMMING WITH BLESSINGS. Give thanks to your Creator. “If the only prayer you ever say is ‘Thank you,’ it will be enough.” – Meister Eckhart.

But here’s the problem, Even if we try to affirm and visualize, even if we try to evoke the good feelings and believe, even if we remember to give thanks, often some part deep within us does not really believe it! Deep down, in our unconscious, there is a program or tape that argues with our positive affirming and visualizing.

The biggest obstacle that people face in getting what they want in life is their failure to define what it is they really want.

The next biggest hurdle to getting what you want is your own fears and doubts.

Having a vision of a wonderful future is absolutely necessary-but it typically stirs up a set of emotional roadblocks. These come at us in the form of fears both of failing and of succeeding, and in doubts about our own worthiness for success.

For example, you may be sitting there saying or writing a dozen times, “I am abundant,” but deep down a part of you blocks you from really feeling, knowing and attracting this as your truth, because that part is thinking, “No, I’m not. Money seems to go right through my hands. I have so much debt and I have piles of bills I can’t pay.” So really, you are not getting anywhere, except frustrated

So even though you are doing everything to ‘Affirm and Believe’ in the abundance, love, happiness and success you know you deserve, you may still get in our own way and SUBCONSCIOUSLY SABOTAGE your efforts.

This is because your consciousness is like an iceberg. We are aware of about 5% of our thoughts, and the other 95% are operating “below the surface.” 

Imagine an Iceberg … If the tip of the iceberg wants to go North, and the huge mass below the water line is heading South, which way do you think that iceberg is going to move? You can try to push that tip as hard as you can, yet until most of that submerged power is moving the way you want it to go, you are going to be stuck or heading the wrong way.

Limiting Beliefs

The fears and doubts cluster around a few kinds of issues. All of them are false conclusions from past experiences that limit our future. And all are hooked to beliefs about ourselves-that we don’t deserve love and success and a wonderful future, that we are not good enough, that we do not have the power to create the solutions to our problems-or beliefs about the nature of the world-that life really requires struggling and even suffering. We fear that we can’t really get what we want, that we will fail at losing weight because it has proved too difficult in the past, or we come from a generation of overweight women, or that we’ll never figure out how to get where we want to go.

We have been taught by society, our parents, our religions, and even by the movies we watch, that life is a struggle, and as long as that is what we believe, that is what we will get.

As Henry Ford said, “Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you are right.”

Often we run these patterns unconsciously and have no idea why we seem to have our own “Sabotage Button” which we stamp on with huge force from a great height just as we start to be successful at something.

 It’s imperative to look at the roadblocks as a friend, If you will follow those feelings to the core belief below the surface, and then change that belief, your whole life can open up. All emotions serve a positive purpose; They exist to help us move forward in life, They are your very best friends, trying to call your attention to the beliefs that are holding you back.

When you are 100% LINED UP inside, your outer reality must reflect this and when it is in alignment wonderful things happen … and it happens so quickly, consistently and often more miraculously and magnificently than you could even ask for or imagine.


So how do you get into this state of absolute knowingness, belief and deserving so you can Unlock the Doors to the Life of Your Dreams?

First, we need to reprogram any negative or limiting beliefs, which may be due to life experiences, particularly from childhood and early adulthood. We need to identify and then replace those negative beliefs with Higher Truths that are our absolute knowingness from our Higher Self.

This is far more powerful than just an affirmation, or even the traditional hypnotic “suggestion.” You are healing the old belief at the level of the subconscious, the root cause, and installing the highest, positive empowerment statement, deeply and completely so it aligns you with success from the inside out.

What are Limiting Beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are the culprits that hold you back from success, happiness and from your true potential. They are those sneaky thoughts that show up every time you feel inspired or motivated to go after your dreams, and they remind you of the fact that you are not good enough. They’re like the barb-wire fence and solid steel bars that are keeping you in your prison cell.

You know what it’s like, that voice pops into your head and tells you that you’re not going to make it, or you’re not going to succeed. You try to avoid it and go ahead anyway, only to fail. And then you make your limiting belief stronger, because you now believe that you’re not going to succeed.

Limiting Beliefs-

•trick you into not trying.

•blinds you to the realities of the world.

•stops you from taking risks.

•keeps you where you are.

•obstructs your growth.

•keeps you repeating negative patterns.

•prevents you from taking responsibility for your life.

•prevents you from going after your dreams.

•encourages procrastination.

•gives you an excuse for not doing what you really want to do.

•fills you with doubt and fear.

•prompts you to find “evidence” to support it.

•stops you from imagining the possibilities.

•makes you feel negative and discontent.

•prevents breakthroughs.

Here’s the truth: Beliefs are not facts. But they are just as powerful. Regardless of whether or not they are true, beliefs shape reality.


How do we form these beliefs?

Beliefs are primary components and building blocks of reality. They are formed during childhood and at other key times in your life. They can be shaped and influenced by family, peers, society, media, and so forth and there may be a great many you are not even conscious of.

Your beliefs affect your thoughts, feelings, attitudes and actions, and literally shape and dictate your reality at a very fundamental level, and as such become self-fulfilling prophesies, becoming our reality whether we like it or not.

Beliefs also strongly affect your ability to attract or become attracted to people and certain situations. What is important here are the results or outcomes your beliefs create for you.  For example, if you believe it’s difficult to make money, your mind will engage “special filters” so you only see, hear and experience situations where it is difficult to create money.

The mind is this powerful, that your mind will sort for all the evidence to prove the belief right. It is important to know here if you carry the right belief you attract positive outcomes, but carry limiting beliefs and you’ll prove yourself right ever time.

Why is it important to explore your beliefs?

If you change your beliefs, you change your destiny.

To successfully manifest the life you desire it is essential that your beliefs are congruent with the outcomes you seek

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your action become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny.”  

~ Gandhi


Get to the Core of your Limiting Beliefs

You want to identify the most fundamental limiting beliefs you hold around your goal as these are the ones that will be most pivotal in producing change and have the most transformational impact towards in generating the success you seek.

When we release these beliefs, other beliefs surrounding them may lose their grip and become redundant, rather like pulling a weed out at its roots so the whole plant can die rather than just cutting the odd leaf.

How To Recognize Limiting Beliefs

Common Limiting Beliefs

Listen to yourself. What lies are you telling?

–          I don’t have this skill.

–          I’m not good at this.

–          Others can do it better than me.

–          I’m not experienced enough.

–          I’m not smart enough.

–          I’m not important enough.

–          I’m too young.

–          I’m too old.

–          I don’t have the money.

–          I don’t have the time.

–          It’s just not in my genes.

–          It’s too hard.

–          I don’t deserve success/love/ money/happiness/to lose weight.

–          I’m lazy.

–          Nothing ever works out for me.

–          Nobody ever notices the work I do.

–          I never get what I want.

–          This is just “the way it is.”

–          I have no control over this.

–          I have nothing to offer.

–          Money doesn’t grow on trees

–          It is bad to have money

–          Money is the route of all evil

–          It is hard to make money

–          There is never enough money to go around

–          Rich people are greedy

–          Love hurts

–          I don’t deserve love

–          I am unlovable

–          I am never love

Nobody wants me

–          The more I love, the less I am loved

–          I’m not smart enough/qualified/good enough

–          It will take forever

–          I can’t afford it

–          I don’t have the time

–          I don’t have the patience

–          It’s too hard

–          I’ve tried before and it hasn’t worked.



How to Release Limiting Beliefs and Stop Self Sabotage

How to Release Limiting Beliefs and Stop Self Sabotage

The Good News is that these beliefs and fears can easily be identified and permanently cleared just as easily. It is our own choice whether we hang on to these limiting beliefs, or whether we are willing to let go of them and move forward in our lives.

So to uncover your negative beliefs you have to pay attention to your daily thoughts and if some thought is negative, ask yourself why you think in such a negative way. This will uncover your belief.

Try to also remember what your parents used to say to you in the areas that you are struggling with. If, for example, you have difficulties with money, maybe your parents used to say phrases such as Money is hard to earn”, “Money doesn’t grow on trees” or “I cannot afford this

If you find yourself repeating some kind of phrase all the time, you should realise that it’s a belief that you have. If the belief is positive, for example, you keep repeating how lucky you are, you should not touch it because it serves you. However, if you find yourself repeating disempowering or negative statements such as “I am a loser”, you should change such belief.

You should also understand that your every opinion and the way you see the world is so because of your beliefs. If you don’t like something, it means you have some kind of limiting belief about that thing. If you find something depressing, this is so because of your beliefs.

Some of the beliefs are hard to discover because they were formed at a very young age. Some of your beliefs were taken from your parents and they no longer serve you, however they keep filtering your experiences their own way because you fail to notice and eliminate them.

No matter how long you had some belief for, you can always eliminate it because your active beliefs are in your conscious mind. They can be hidden under so looking innocent thoughts (for example, “Look at him in his fancy car” is a hidden belief about money.

You can notice your own negative beliefs when you catch yourself saying things such as:

“Life is …”

“I am a … person”

“Earning money is …”

“I cannot do this because …”

1.  Think of a goal, desire, dream or intention you have.  A change you want to make, something you’d like to be, do or have.  Write it down.

2.  Allow thoughts, emotions, physical reactions to happen.  Notice them. Complete these sentences:

 It won’t be safe to ________ (fill in your goal) because . . .

I can’t ___________ (your goal) because . . .

My dream is impossible because . . .

This won’t happen because . . .

Begin looking for evidence of limiting beliefs in your life.

1.  What are you critical about in others?  This indicates a belief in the form of “People should . . .” or “People shouldn’t . . .” or “It’s wrong to . . .”

2.  Are there things you’d like to be, do or have, but believe you can’t.  Your belief will be something like, “I could never. . .” or “I’m too _____ to . . .” or “It’s not possible for me to _____ because . . .”

3. Write down what you discover.

When identifying limiting beliefs, look for statements that have meaning and significance to you, that elicit an emotional response or have impact in some way.

Take time to examine your thoughts and feelings for they are indicative of beliefs you hold.

What recurring thoughts and feelings do you experience?

What do you keep telling yourself about life, yourself or others in relation to your goal?

 Perhaps you hear yourself thinking or saying the same phrases, comments or statements your parents used to make when you were young. So, what are some of the limiting beliefs you have heard growing up and what do you believe about yourself, money, time, relationships, success? They usually start with “I can’t, I have to, I don’t have, I’m not, I was meant to have etc…

Write it down…Be as open and as brutally honest with yourself, as this will unlock what’s possibly holding you back…

This week, STOP and notice the things you tell yourself.

What are you telling yourself you can’t do in your life, your business, your finances, etc.?

Be courageous and give yourself the gift of TRUTH.

Truth has the ability to heal and FREE us from what holds us back in life. Truth gives us access to choices. Truth gives us access to possibility!

It may take some time to uncover your beliefs, and you may need some help from a coach, (visit for more information on coaching) but the quality of your life depends on it. Spend some time now uncovering and eliminating them and you will improve your life enormously.

Whether you want to believe this or not, we all have the capacity to be extraordinary, to live our passion, to realize our full potential. When you get right down to it, what holds us back are limiting beliefs that run through our minds. These are mental habits repeating in an endless loop, making us believe that we are incapable and that our dreams are impossible to achieve. They trick us into thinking we are less than we actually are.

For many of us stirring up old beliefs that are no longer serving us, stirs up old emotions around things, people and circumstances – that have gone unresolved. It’s bringing our attention to the power of “letting go” – of old ways of thinking and being – and moving on in a very different way than we ever have before.

Whether it’s our money beliefs, old relationship patterns or our feelings around worthiness, it’s time to release any energies, any circumstances, any old ways of being that are not aligned with our life purpose. It’s time to take a closer look at our life’s journey to understand the path that has led us to where we are today – and learning how to build upon that, while releasing what is no longer working.

As a Life Purpose Intuitive, it’s my intention to help you release the limiting beliefs and old stories  that are no longer serving you , so you can connect the dots of your life story in a way that makes sense, in a way that feels right. It’s my intention to help you “Connect with your Divine Purpose. Step into your Life Story and Create a Life of Passion and Abundance.”

We all have a life purpose.. What’s yours?

If you realize you could use help breaking through this barrier, what are you telling yourself about this? Would you say “yes” and take the first step to setting yourself free, or say “I can’t because…”?

If you’re ready to step fully into everything you want for yourself, in any area of life, reach out. Let’s talk. I can assist you with accelerating this breakthrough so it’s a whole lot more fun and rewarding in the process.

My Coaching programs or my Workshop, Get Unstuck and Design Your Life contains some of the most effective exercises I have found to do just that. visit for more information on workshops and coaching xx

Kisses Kim xxx

Release your Limiting Bliefs and Live the Life of Your Dreams

Are you Feeling Stuck in Your Current Career?

Are You Feeling Stuck in Your Current Career?

Feeling Stuck in a job you hate?

Are You Looking for a New Career to Replace the One that Feels Tired and Worn Out?

Do You Want 2012 to be Your Best Year Yet?

Would You Like to Uncover Your Gifts, Talents and Life Purpose – and Learn How to Monetize That?

Keep Reading to Discover How You Can Create the Career and Life That Makes Your Soul Sing

You were not meant to spend your life working hard, struggling to make ends meet in a job you hate!

Everyone wants to feel like the work they do is meaningful, fulfilling and makes a difference.

– Imagine waking up each morning feeling excited about the day and week ahead of you, because you are loving what you are doing and are recognized and compensated for it?

– Imagine going into 2012 equipped with the information and tools you need to finally achieve the career fulfilment, wealth, success, happiness and passion you deserve!

Each one of us came into this life to follow a particular path that would lead us to fulfil our highest potential and enhance the lives of others through our great work.

Look around you at those people living “charmed lives.” Chances are they’re just living true to their designated paths, they found their destiny early in life.

When you’re on your unique path, you feel impassioned by your own life and work, abundance flows to you, and your life is in harmony.

When you are not living in alignment with your soul purpose – nothing works well in your life; you will struggle and never quite feel as though your work is meaningful and fulfilling. This can result in: frustration, boredom, anger, depression or even chronic illness.

If you have recently experienced a job loss or a major transition in your life, it is because your soul is calling for you to take a new path, a new direction, one more in alignment with your life purpose. Imagine if every career move, relationship and life experience has been deliberate, each containing a lesson or experience that leads us closer to our true life path and our greatest work.

The good news is that we all have an owner’s guide book! This guide book or blueprint is the way to get us moving back on track and living our life on purpose.

This guide is hidden within the vibrations surrounding the numbers of your birth date, or Numerology.

The Greek philosopher and mystic Pythagoras, father of our modern number system, designed a theory of numbers based on the digits 1 through 9 in 580 BC.

Pythagoras taught that each number has a meaning or vibration and by adding the numbers within your birth date and reducing them to single digits, you reveal the nature of the work you came here to do.

In Pythagoras’ system every number has a positive and negative vibration which shows its potentials and challenges.

The numbers can tell us what lessons we came to learn and the challenges that we are going to face.  They also tell us what will make our hearts sing and what career or work would best suit us, along with the potential pitfalls of your path

When we come in on a birth path, we come with specific talents & gifts that we intend to share with the world through our work. If you are doing work that uses those talents you will feel fulfilled in your chosen career and life. If you are hiding out from your mission, you may have ignored, suppressed or forgotten your talents.

To uncover your purpose, you must get in touch with your inner self, pay attention to that small inner voice that whispers to you its need to create, take action on this information, and then manifest it in the world.  This will lead you to create work that you love to do.  And as a result, people will pay you for it. Having money allows you to do more of the things that you love to do in your spare time.  And it gives you the freedom of when, where, and how you choose to work.  

The world is waiting for you to step to be who you truly are!

It is waiting for you to step up into your full radiance and be the leader, healer, teacher, song writer, corporate executive you were born to be.

YOU have a Divine Role, a destiny that is uniquely yours to fulfil.

What is it costing you every day to stay stuck 
in a job you hate?

What is it worth to have the key 
to discovering your soul’s purpose?

What is it worth to have a career/business that you love?


What I would have given 10 years ago 
to know this information, 
it would have saved me years of 
unhappiness and confusion. 

An Intuitive Career Coaching Session can save you time and money 
and get you on the fast track 
to creating what you truly want!


Please visit for more information

Live the Life you Dream of!

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