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Can You Have It All

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I was sitting on the balcony today, wondering is it really possible to have it all ? 
Do you sometimes wonder that as well ?
We all want success, health, wonderful relationships, a fantastic career and home. We all want to feel empowered, strong and sexy. We all want to experience abundance, joy and happiness.
Some of us achieve this, and some of us endure one  letdown after another. It’s almost as if we have been programmed  to believe that when good things happen …. we had better watch out … because we will eventually fall.
Can you relate to this ? 

You need to realize that you are not who you’ve been – you are the potential of who you’ll become, and YOU can become anyone you choose to be !
It is your actions and reactions that will either sail you into the stormy seas of life …. or guide you towards the most incredible adventures you can imagine.
The choice is yours!
We can all create an amazing life … but first, we need to clean up the past. Until you face your past and clear up the emotional baggage …. nothing will change …. you will keep running around in circles … like the mouse running around a wheel .
You can run , but you can’t hide …. at least from yourself !
Self sabotage is a clear sign that you have something weighing on your conscience. Repress your feelings – blame, sorrow, grief, anger, jealousy and eventually they will find a way to reappear.
Is the burden of carrying around these feeling’s weighing you down ? Are your shoulders drooping from the weight of your problems? It will  manifest itself in  your life as weight gain, relationship issues, financial mess, health problems and addictions.
Are you tired of hanging onto this baggage?
If you can’t seen to create or sustain success, you clearly have some unfinished business that needs to be cleaned up!
So how do we do this ?
Cleaning up your life takes courage, honesty and hard work. It can be tough at times.
Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself ….Why would I create this?’ Who do you see in the mirror … look deep into your heart …. what do you see? What does your reflection tell you about yourself? This is your life. This is you.
By having the courage to be honest and look yourself in the mirror, you gain control of your life, your integrity and your dignity.
When a woman feels empowered she can empower others. All aspects of her life will change including her relationships with her partner, family, friends and business associates.
For women, the worst enemy they have is themselves. When a woman can love herself for who she is, everything else in her life becomes better.
You may want to have a look at the workshops I hold, or book in for some coaching. I use EFT to release all of that baggage.
I guarantee inspiration, transformation, education and empowerment.Women attending these workshops will learn how to love their body, break through self doubt and worry, let go of emotional baggage, learn how to ask for what they want.

For more information on EFT, Workshops and Coaching, please visit my website


Kim xxx

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