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30 Day Gratitude Challenge Day 3

Be Grateful, Dance, Be Happy, You are Fabulous

” Love follows you. Absolutely everything you experience in your life is a result of what you have given out in your thoughts and feelings, whether you realize you have given them out or not. Life is not happening to you … life is following you. Your destiny is in your hands. whatever you think, whatever you feel, will decide your life.’ Rhonda Byrne

I wanted to share this clip by Depak Chopra on Gratitude

Remember to feel good about the successes of others, when you feel good and are grateful about anything another person has, you are bringing it to you. when you feel good about someone elses success , happiness or the love they have in their lives, you are in essence choosing from the catalogue of life. Say YES , this is for me also!

Today I am grateful for ….

My friend Roslyn’s loving husband

My amazing Mum, who is always there for me

A great workout at the gym today

The beautiful sunshine that was streaming onto me while I was in the pool this mornong

A lovely cup of tea, made in a pot and served in a special china cup

This is a BIG one for me  … that my Ex-Husband has a lovely new Fiancee and that they are both Happy xxx

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Tell me what you are grateful for?

Dream Big My Goddess …. you are meant to have an amazing life !!

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