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Connecting to The Divine Feminine – 30 Day Blog Challenge

Connect to your Divine Feminine Power

In my Workshop ‘The Goddess Retreat’ (and soon to be online course) I teach Women How to Have It All … By Connecting to their Divine Feminine Power.

But Why Tap into Your Feminine Power?

Most self-development programs are written by men … and tap into the ‘Masculine Model’ of Self Development 


… this is too aggressive and is not congruent with a Woman’s DNA  or her cellular memory – it is not in harmony with the feminine . 

… so when Women try to adopt this male way of thinking and goal setting … it creates inconsistency in attraction of prosperity, fatigue, hopelessness, lack of self-confidence, self criticism and low self-esteem.

This is why women who go to self-development seminars taught by men (not that I have anything against men xxx ), often leave feeling pumped up …. but soon crash and lose confidence  … they are being pumped up on adrenaline (this technique works well for Men) … which is inconsistent with their DNA or cellular memory and their Inner Feminine.

 The Goddess Retreat is different … this program was created by a Woman for Women … it allows Women to tap into their Divine Feminine Power, and by adopting this more natural female model it opens the floodgates to harmony, creativity, empowerment and abundance. 

Embrace your Feminine Power

It is no secret that women have a critical role to play in shaping the future. We women carry the feminine energy of the world. It is our task to honour the feminine energy inside us and insist it be honoured by others.

The Dalai Lama’s proclamation last year that “the world will be saved by the Western Woman” has seen women emerging as the leaders of the global change movement.

It takes a toll on a woman when she  operates out of her masculine energy all the time.

While women are clearly making great strides in the business world, there is a sense of disconnect and lack of satisfaction going on for many women. In other words, even though they may have a huge track record of accomplishments, they don’t necessarily feel good inside.

We all move in and out of states of masculine and feminine energy but, in most cases, it’s more natural for a man to act from his masculine core and a woman from her feminine.

Learning to understand and how to feel and develop feminine energy is the basic thing that will allow you to attract and create all the love, happiness and prosperity you have ever wanted.

 …. And like a pebble tossed in the water … it will ripple across to many others across the world.

Many women have attempted to adopt this masculine model to get on in the business world. They attempt to use a left brain analytical approach, but when a woman attempts to express herself using the masculine model , she feels stress and exhaustion, which manifests in illness, depression, abdominal fat,  loss of focus, low confidence and low or no sex dive. It wears her out and burns her out on all levels.

Women who follow this pattern, soon find the emergence of the Inner Bitch, because she’s going against her nature, her inner wisdom, so she becomes frustrated, stressed out, critical and judgemental because she is confused biochemically.

Tapping into your Feminine energy is not about wearing pretty pink dresses and giggling (although you can if you want ) it is about healing our wounds and giving ourselves compassion so we can create things such as love, intimacy, spiritual connection, self-expression, creativity and intuition in ourselves.

It is about giving birth to a new way of thinking.

Over the course of the one day ‘Goddess Retreat’ you will learn many different exercises that will help you tap into the power of your Divine Feminine.


The ‘Goddess Retreat’ will show you how to  create a Fabulous, Happy, Abundant Life, 
discover the Fabulicious, Babelicious, Luscious Goddess within and get your ‘Sexy Back’ by connecting with your Divine Feminine Power.

The next Goddess Retreat is on Sunday the 16th January … please visit to find out more

Today I am Grateful for …

I am safe and dry in my beautiful apartment

Amazing Energy

That I live my life with a smile on my face

My beautiful Mum and Stepfather … who I visited on the Sunshine Coast on Sunday

My amazing body … it keeps working without me having to remind it to !

I’d love to read your comments about the Divine Feminine … and your grateful list


Kim xxx  

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