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New Year … New You!

How to set Savvy, Sensational New Years Resolutions

New Year New You!

Can you believe 2012 is almost upon us – are you ready?

What I love about the New Year is that we get a fresh start. Right now, you have a fantastic opportunity — you get to leave behind what didn’t work in 2011 and envision what you’d like to create in 2012

Are you ready to make 2012 the year you become the “Leading Lady” of your life.

Imagine 2012 being the year where everything falls into place…

I want to forget about writing out and setting a New Year’s Resolution List!

We all make New Year’s Resolutions and 2 weeks into January it has been forgotten … this year I want you to go deeper …. What do you DESIRE?

What desires are burning deep inside your soul… longing to be released?

What would your life look like?

 What would you like to accomplish?

What dream would you finally like to fulfil?

What impact would you like to make in the world?

But first …

As 2011 draws to a close and we start the New Year, I encourage you to take some quiet time with yourself, breathe long & deep, and appreciate all your blessings

This is the time to pause and reflect on the events of your life over the past year.  Let it be a time where you remember the miracles and blessings, as well as the obstacles and challenges.  (Consider the possibility that all of your pain and challenges – every wound you’ve ever experienced, from loss to illness to disappointment – was a stepping stone in order to arrive at this point in your life, which is exactly where you’re supposed to be.) Reflect on everything that happened with gratitude, because it was ALL divinely designed to help you get to where you are today… and being closer to discovering and living your life purpose.

Now think about what you’re going to say good-bye to? You know the things that didn’t serve you in 2011.

On a sheet of paper, write out all of the things from the current year that you’ve outgrown, that you no longer want in your life, things that no longer work for you, and anything else you feel you want to shed and leave behind. This can include old patterns that don’t serve you, grudges or resentments you’re hanging on to, fears that hold you back, or circumstances that you’d like to change.

It could be…













Livng in your comfort zone

Eating too much junk food

Not exercising

Write down your disappointments, failures from 2011 ….this is an opportunity to let them go.

Once you have made the list I would like you to burn it (in a safe place) as it is burning see it all being released …. Out of your life and reality.

Visualize all these disappointments together and shower then in a beautiful white light and send them out into the universe with love and gratitude and simply say to yourself, “I honour you, you have taught me a lesson and I thank you, but I no longer need you in my future. Let them go and feel the peace inside of you … now send that feeling of peace forward into your future.

Then go outside and pour the ashes into your hand and let the wind scatter the ashes away and release them and all they represent, as the old year fades away.

After the fire releasing ritual, it’s time to celebrate your success.

1. What are you most proud of?

2. What are you most grateful for?

3. What did you learn this year?

4. Where did you grow?

5. How did you love?

6. Who did you let support you?

Set an Intention …

2012 is the year of _______.

Is it your year of releasing, your year of abundance, your year of becoming the person you need to be to attract a loving relationship, the year of living your dream, the year of happiness, the year of being fabulous? Everything you do, think and feel should support that idea and you will see amazing things change in your life as you shift how you are being.

“Once you make a decision the whole world conspires to make it happen.” -Emerson

Now write down what you Desire in 2012.

Set up a beautiful nurturing space: light candles, use a lovely pen, write on beautiful paper.

What do you want?

1. What do I want this year in my personal life?

2. What do I want this year for my financial life?

3. What do I want this year for my business life/career?

4. What do I want this year for my spiritual life?

Include small things and impossible dreams. 

Include the habits you’d like to embrace, the external circumstances you’d like to create, and the internal experiences you’d like to have (joy, freedom, ease, love, peace, acceptance of all that is, etc). Be as specific as possible

Then you write your answers. The MOST IMPORTANT part is to write it as if it has already happened AND makes sure you include how you “felt” when it happened.

Get really clear on the things you want to create in 2012. Make sure you can feel, sense, taste, smell or see them ACTUALLY manifesting. Why do you really want this? What is your big WHY? If it’s in your heart, the desire has been birthed from Source and is destined to manifest.

Write them down and keep them in a special place.

This is a POWERFUL exercise that almost acts as plan for the year but flows through and creates a vibrational resonance with what you desire.

Then take inspired action to achieve the goals and simply let the universe rise up to offer them to you. ACT. The Universe likes speed!

Small steps work. Eg:  de-clutter for 30 minutes max per day, plan to check emails only twice a day.

Be Consistent and create a habit Eg: exercise every day for 30 minutes, no excuses

Build on a current positive behaviour. Ex: If you meditate for 10 minutes a day, make it 15.

Add habits rather that removing them. Eg: Add another serving of salad to lunch and dinner.

Be specific and schedule activities that support your Desires.

“You’ve already set the goals.  Now allow them.  How?  Get a little happy.  Get a little optimistic.  Imagine if ….

I’d love to hear about what works for you as you plan for 2012.


A little reminder, next year will be just like this year UNLESS you change your mindset and overcome your limiting beliefs, self-sabotage and fears and doubts. Living your dream life is not something that just happens. It does not just knock on your door and say let me in! It takes dedication, commitment, willingness to let go of fears, judgements about yourself and whether you deserve or are good enough. It requires developing mental discipline, and choosing to live your life, on your terms, and let go of what other think. As transforming as they are just saying affirmations and making vision boards will not work, if you have underlying limiting beliefs that keep you stuck!  If you need some help to remove the self-sabotage, fear and procrastination stopping you from being your extraordinary, fabulous self, I would like to offer you 3 Transformational Programs that may help!

Option 1 –

The first is a Workshop Get Unstuck and Design Your Life

This full day workshop will show you how to Get Unstuck, Let Go of Doubt, Fear and Procrastination, Re-connect with your Purpose, Passions, Dreams and Desires, and Create the Roadmap to bringing them into reality. You will get clear on your vision for 2012 and by the end of the day you will feel empowered and ready to take on the world! Click here for more information

Option 2 –

Unleash Your Life Coaching Program

This program consists of 3 coaching sessions, with me to get grounded, clear, and aligned with what you want to create in 2012. You will let go of the “shoulds” so you can claim your fabulous, savvy, successful self in 2012. Here’s what you receive from the sessions…

* Gain clarity & understanding of what has been keeping you stuck and holding you back from achieving your dreams.

* Discover how to get past the old patterns and blocks that have been stopping you

* Learn how to dump emotional baggage and create a happier you!

* Eliminate feelings of ‘unworthiness’ or ‘not being good enough’

* Design your Future using the ‘Vision Dreaming’ Guided Mediation Process

* Create clarity in your vision or mission for 2012

* Get clear on your 2012 goals in your business or personal life

* Lay the RIGHT foundation for 2012, so you can look back next year and say “I created exactly what my soul desired”

 This transformational coaching program is only $375.


Option 3

Discover Your Life Purpose

* Are you looking for a new career to replace the one that feels tired and worn-out?

* Do you desperately need to make a change in your life and want to try something new … a career that that is meaningful and fulfilling that makes you jump out of bed with eager anticipation every morning … but you really don’t know what type of job you would love doing?

* Do you feel there is a higher purpose to your life but you are not sure what it is? 

* Maybe you have just been made redundant and feel this is the perfect time to re-invent your life and try a new Job, but you need some help deciding what path to take? 

* Maybe you just want confirmation that you are on track with a career that is truly aligned with your life’s purpose

You Know Inside there is More Meaningful Work Out There for You, A Career That is in Alignment with Who You Really Are, A Career That Gives You the Success and Wealth You Deserve While Doing Work That You Love?

Join me for a 60-minute Intuitive Career Coaching Session and let’s map out the steps that are needed to create your new beginning.

This is a unique, private experience for those who want to reach a little deeper inside themselves to tap into their intuitive wisdom while using numerology as a guide. During this session, we’ll explore new possibilities and new ways of being. We’ll take a look at what numerology says about the areas of your life where you desire a new beginning. And we’ll open up the intuitive channels for your inner wisdom to come forth and shine a new light.

This private experience will include a discovery preparation assessment and a personal numerology map , guiding you as we lay the foundation for what it is you want to attract. Then we’ll spend a rich 60 minutes together exploring the possibilities that are available to you.

You’ll walk away with a list of action steps designed to tap into your “best self” as you move toward what is possible – and leave behind what is not working. You’ll even have 1 week of unlimited e-mail access after the 60-minute call to support you as you begin to implement your action steps.

To schedule your highly-personalized Intuitive Career Coaching Session for an investment of $175, click on the link below.

Once payment is received, I’ll be contacting you personally with our next steps.


Where will you be in 1 year from now?

Will you still be ruled by the patterns and issues that have made your life miserable in the past?

Or do you want to step into the future with a brand new attitude and vision?

Dwell on your successes.

Think about your dreams and aspirations

Treat yourself like you are your own best friend.

You will make mistakes, you will have setbacks.

Remember we are undoing a lifetime … of poor choices

This life and this journey is a gift

There is never better time to begin than right now

If you do not have action to go with the words, you only have words.

If you say it and don’t do it, all you are left with are good intentions.

There are no fairy godmothers and old women with magic beans …. if you want it

you are going to have to work for it

….. if you sit on the couch pondering how to change your life but never get past

the pondering then you will still be sitting on the couch in 20 years time.

You are not your past

You are not your mistakes

You are not your story

You are so much more …

Isn’t is time you discovered who you really are

Isn’t is time you accessed the amazing power inside of you

….. It’s waiting for you

Isn’t it time you began treating yourself with love

Isn’t it time you stepped into your power

You can do this

I believe in you

You are strong

You are magnificent

Believe in yourself and fly ……

You were meant for greatness

I’m thinking of you and sending you and your families all of my love, appreciation and abundant blessings in the New Year.

May you release all that no longer serves you and enter 2012 with a committed heart to living a life of love, joy and prosperity!


Love Kim


“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”

— Oprah Winfrey

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