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Hypno Gastric Lap Band Weight Loss Program

Gastric Band Hypnosis for Weight Loss ~ Can you really lose weight using your imagination?

Weight Loss

Can You Really Use Weight Using the Hypno Gastric Lap Band ?

Virtual Gastric Band procedures have been highlighted in the press and on TV a lot lately, because they have been found to be a very effective method of helping obese patients to reduce weight naturally.

The Hypno Gastric Lap Band procedure doesn’t involve scissors and scalpels, but instead a hypnotherapist.

 Inspired by the way that traditional gastric band surgery works, the virtual gastric band restricts the amount of food that can be digested by the body, but without using any invasive and expensive medical procedures. Using proven hypnosis techniques  the treatment effectively “tricks” the brain into believing a real gastric band device has been fitted.

As the band restricts the volume of food that the stomach can hold, this results in a decrease of appetite and food consumption.

Patients who are treated with the virtual gastric band lose weight extremely successfully because they find they’re physically unable to eat as much as they used to, just as though they had undergone the procedure for real.

Research has shown that that Virtual Gastric Band operations using Hypnotherapy are actually as successful as the actual procedure. Even more appealing is the added bonus that there are no medical complications, drugs or side effects and anesthesia is not required. With gastric band hynosis you Lose Weight effectively, safely and naturally without the need for a costly surgical procedure and time off work for recovery time.

Not only does a virtual gastric band weight loss solution allow you to eat less naturally, but it will also allow you to uncover the underlying emotional issues that may be at the root of your weight problem.  

Many people subconsciously use food as a way to deal with stress, poor self esteem, anxiety and depression, and it is absolutely vital to tackle these negative emotions head on in order to enjoy a healthy relationship with food

Success stories are growing more and more over the entire world about how many men and women have benefitted from undergoing virtual gastric band “surgery”. Those who have tried other weight loss programs without any success are finding Hypno Lap Band weight loss programs far more effective.  It isn’t a diet, It just changes the way you eat, how much you eat, and when you eat as opposed to counting calories and skipping meals. Not only that, because this is a long term weight loss program, you will develop eating habits that are healthy and right for you so that even in the future you will still be able to maintain your weight loss by eating properly thanks to your virtual lap band.

I have a NEW Hypno Gastric Lap Band Weight Loss Program commencing in July in Brisbane, please visit my website to find out more or follow this link

This Program Will Help You To …

– Change the way you think about food

– Create strategies to break you free of any bad habits

– STOP self sabotage

– Feel strong, in control and make good choices

-Easily turn down sweet and fatty foods

– STOP Emotional Eating

– Find Freedom from Food Obsession

– STOP Sugar Cravings

– Feel more Motivated

– Begin to love exercise

– Incorporate Body, Mind and Spirit 
for long term success

– LOVE Your Body

– Think and Eat Like a Thin Person

– Release the fat once and for all


Don’t spend another year
 wishing you were different 
and feeling bad about your weight.
Don’t let another year go by 
where you make empty promises to yourself.

This could be the most valuable step 
you could ever take

Transform Your Life 
and break free from the dieting trap


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