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Are You Sitting On a Nail?

 Here is a Story For You ….

“One day a salesman came to a little old fashioned neighbourhood with neat houses and big front yards. There were dogs on just about every front porch. Some of them barked as the salesman walked by and some of them just lay lazily in the shadow. But there was one particular dog that was acting strangely. He whined and howled as if he was in pain.

Preoccupied, the salesman knocked on the door of the house and an elderly gentleman came and asked if he could help him.

“Sir,”- replied the salesman, “I believe that there is something wrong with your dog. He is moaning and groaning, instead of barking like all the other dogs do.” The owner looked at the dog and said, “There is nothing wrong with him. He is just sitting on a nail”. “If he is sitting on the nail why does he not move?” – asked the salesman in astonishment.

“Well” – replied the old man – “it just does not hurt him bad enough” “

Many of us are caught up in a similar situation. We are sitting on a nail, but it does not hurt badly enough. We might want to get a better job, move to a bigger house, continue our education, open our own business, get back in shape, spend more time with our family, but the problem is that our current situation is not uncomfortable enough to do something about it. So in the meantime we continue to work at a job we do not enjoy, live in a small house, spend our nights in front of the computer, and feel guilty for not devoting enough time to our children. And worst of all is that we continue to hope that someday it will all change for the better.

But our life is not a result of the circumstances that we have been put in. It is a result of choices that we make.

Take a few minutes to think what area of your life is causing you the biggest distress and sufferings?

 What is holding you back from pursuing your biggest goals?

 What problem steals your energy and occupies your thoughts?

They say, that “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks to us in our conscience, but shouts in our pains”. There is no point in waiting till it hurts badly enough in order to start moving forward and getting back on the right track.

It is much wiser to start right now, when everything seems to be going well, by taking little steps to make our life even better.

 “You can’t cross the sea by merely by staring at the water.”   ~ Tagore

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