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Are you Feeling Stuck in Your Current Career?

Are You Feeling Stuck in Your Current Career?

Feeling Stuck in a job you hate?

Are You Looking for a New Career to Replace the One that Feels Tired and Worn Out?

Do You Want 2012 to be Your Best Year Yet?

Would You Like to Uncover Your Gifts, Talents and Life Purpose – and Learn How to Monetize That?

Keep Reading to Discover How You Can Create the Career and Life That Makes Your Soul Sing

You were not meant to spend your life working hard, struggling to make ends meet in a job you hate!

Everyone wants to feel like the work they do is meaningful, fulfilling and makes a difference.

– Imagine waking up each morning feeling excited about the day and week ahead of you, because you are loving what you are doing and are recognized and compensated for it?

– Imagine going into 2012 equipped with the information and tools you need to finally achieve the career fulfilment, wealth, success, happiness and passion you deserve!

Each one of us came into this life to follow a particular path that would lead us to fulfil our highest potential and enhance the lives of others through our great work.

Look around you at those people living “charmed lives.” Chances are they’re just living true to their designated paths, they found their destiny early in life.

When you’re on your unique path, you feel impassioned by your own life and work, abundance flows to you, and your life is in harmony.

When you are not living in alignment with your soul purpose – nothing works well in your life; you will struggle and never quite feel as though your work is meaningful and fulfilling. This can result in: frustration, boredom, anger, depression or even chronic illness.

If you have recently experienced a job loss or a major transition in your life, it is because your soul is calling for you to take a new path, a new direction, one more in alignment with your life purpose. Imagine if every career move, relationship and life experience has been deliberate, each containing a lesson or experience that leads us closer to our true life path and our greatest work.

The good news is that we all have an owner’s guide book! This guide book or blueprint is the way to get us moving back on track and living our life on purpose.

This guide is hidden within the vibrations surrounding the numbers of your birth date, or Numerology.

The Greek philosopher and mystic Pythagoras, father of our modern number system, designed a theory of numbers based on the digits 1 through 9 in 580 BC.

Pythagoras taught that each number has a meaning or vibration and by adding the numbers within your birth date and reducing them to single digits, you reveal the nature of the work you came here to do.

In Pythagoras’ system every number has a positive and negative vibration which shows its potentials and challenges.

The numbers can tell us what lessons we came to learn and the challenges that we are going to face.  They also tell us what will make our hearts sing and what career or work would best suit us, along with the potential pitfalls of your path

When we come in on a birth path, we come with specific talents & gifts that we intend to share with the world through our work. If you are doing work that uses those talents you will feel fulfilled in your chosen career and life. If you are hiding out from your mission, you may have ignored, suppressed or forgotten your talents.

To uncover your purpose, you must get in touch with your inner self, pay attention to that small inner voice that whispers to you its need to create, take action on this information, and then manifest it in the world.  This will lead you to create work that you love to do.  And as a result, people will pay you for it. Having money allows you to do more of the things that you love to do in your spare time.  And it gives you the freedom of when, where, and how you choose to work.  

The world is waiting for you to step to be who you truly are!

It is waiting for you to step up into your full radiance and be the leader, healer, teacher, song writer, corporate executive you were born to be.

YOU have a Divine Role, a destiny that is uniquely yours to fulfil.

What is it costing you every day to stay stuck 
in a job you hate?

What is it worth to have the key 
to discovering your soul’s purpose?

What is it worth to have a career/business that you love?


What I would have given 10 years ago 
to know this information, 
it would have saved me years of 
unhappiness and confusion. 

An Intuitive Career Coaching Session can save you time and money 
and get you on the fast track 
to creating what you truly want!


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Live the Life you Dream of!

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