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Gratitude Challenge Day 4 – Dream BIG

Dream Big


We live in a society where over 50% of visits to the GP are due to depression or anxiety, it’s obvious the majority of us are not getting it right.

Many of us hold onto these things that aren’t working well, and avoid change, because, we are in our comfort zone.
When we fight the ‘flow of life’ we can become unhappy, depressed and anxious.

Look around you…… This is your life, right now.

What are you doing? Are you happy? Are you healthy? Do you feel energised by your life? Do you bound out of bed each day eager to get going? Do you come home feeling satisfied by the rewarding day, keen now to enjoy some play time with your children? Do you look forward to an intimate evening with your partner? Are you as excited and interested in hearing about their day as when you first met?

What about the time you give to you? Do you listen to your body‘s messages for rest, nourishment, skin care, exercise? Do you include quiet time for yourself in each day?

Or does it feel like your life is out of your control? Does it seem that what you want to do is dominated by work, caring duties, parenting, study, commitments?

What happened to your dreams?

It is time to get selfish , and think about what you want and why.

I want you to start thinking about the life you would have if you could.

When a woman ignores her dreams they dry up and disappear.

Our precious dreams are what produce the excitement and inspiration  in our lives

Do you think you are too old, too poor, or perhaps you think it is just too late to make your dreams come true ? Do you think you are too busy with your family to bother about what you want?

When we disregard our dreams , we are disregarding part of ourselves, giving up on a part of ourselves.

Well I am here to tell you that is never too late to chase your dream.

Life is full of late bloomers. Success and fulfilment are not reserved for people in their 20’s and 30’s … it is waiting for anyone who is willing to get out there and grab life.

When a woman is happy and fulfilled, those around her share the rewards.
You only have one life, and if you currently dislike where you are, you owe it to yourself to change things and cram it with as much fun, happiness as you can.

It is not selfish to put your desires ahead of your partner or children,  but it is, if you put your needs second …… and then make everyone feel bad about what is happening to you.

Chasing your dreams and desires is dependant on your feelings of self worth.  Low self esteem may affect your career choice, your relationship and your goals.

It is so much easier to ‘play it safe’ in all areas of life.

Playing it safe has it’s benefits
 … that is, you always feel safe
… but is kills your desires and you will never get what you really want out of life.

There is nothing more appealing than a woman who pursues her passions. It could be anything from cooking to dancing to reading or travel – anything that helps you tap into the joys you feel life has to offer you.

Instead of asking yourself, ‘what will happen if I change?’ and become overcome by fear of imagined negative outcomes, try asking, ‘what will happen if I don’t change ?’

Passionate people are contagious, so infect the world with your charm !

Today I am Grateful for …

I am grateful for Airconditioning at 7am in the morning

I am grateful for a lovely dinner with a friend last night

I am grateful for my beautiful daughter Emily who will be back living with me again soon

I am grateful for my dreams , passion and vision for the future

I am grateful for YOU !

Don’t look back ….

Your future’s right in front of you

Face the future

Play along

The Best Is Yet To Come

I’d love you to tell me what you are grateful for, please leave your comments xxxx


Kim xxxx

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