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5 Tips to Help You Manifest Your Soulmate


5 Tips to Help You Manifest Your Soulmate

To attract a partner, the first thing you need to do is look at you. The quality of your life and relationships, is determined by the quality of your thoughts.

So, if you want to change your future and attract a loving new relationship, you must change what you are thinking about right now in this moment.

To find true love … you must be willing to grow beyond the person you are today. Because the person you are now, is the person who has created the experiences that you have already had.

 In order to attract an extraordinary love, we must first face our fears and our beliefs.

We must be willing to give up the emotional armour, we’ve grown used to wearing and become more vulnerable.

 How to Change Your Limiting Love Beliefs

1. Let Go of the Past  – You cannot attract your life partner, surrounded by your baggage. He will not be able to get to you physically, emotionally or spiritually. Before you can accept new love into your life, you need to release any past hurt you are still holding onto from the past.

Some of us find it difficult to attract the right relationship because we’re subconsciously holding onto negative emotions, such as hurt or anger. These unresolved emotions get in the way of joy, happiness and love. If we are ever going to move in the direction of creating a fulfilling, lasting, romantic relationship with an amazing partner, we have to take full responsibility for our past and clean it up.

It is easier to follow old patterns, making everything someone else’s fault …. It is easy to stay stuck in a world of negative emotion and hurt … and attract more of the same, but just in a different size and shape in the form of the next person you attract into your life.

2.Clear Your Limiting Love Beliefs  The first thing to realize is that even though there is a part of you that greatly longs for finding and being with the love of your life, there is another part of you that is scared of it as well. In fact, you are probably not even aware of all the fears you have that are getting in your way! This is true for most people. These fears create a push/pull experience where one part of you is moving in the direction of healthy love and the other part is putting on the brakes and holding you back.

How often have you said one of the following?

“I’m not good-looking enough.”

“All guys are looking for is some thin young blonde.”

“All the great guys are taken and those that are left are the ones no one wants.”

“I just can’t seem to meet anyone interesting or worth the effort.”

“I don’t ever seem to have any luck.”

“I’m just going to have to resign myself to being single forever.”

 “I’m too old”

“Men are only interested in sex”

 When you tell yourself things like this, you actually start to believe it. As a result, you close yourself off to possibilities. It’s amazing the lengths our minds will go to in order to reject love because we feel we don’t deserve it or that it’s too good to be true

The challenge is that if we are constantly telling ourselves that we are not worthy of being loved, then we will give off  those negative vibes … and when men pick up on those vibes , they run for the hills and we feel rejected. The more rejected we feel, the less worthy and less certain within ourselves we feel, the more negative energy we put out there and the more rejection we will experience.

This becomes a vicious cycle !

If you believe that men are jerks … you’ll meet a lot of jerks

If you believe that there are no good men out there … you’ll have a hard time finding any

If you believe men are untrustworthy … you’ll meet few men you can trust

If you believe all men are players … that’s who you’ll meet

If you are playing the record “I’m not good enough!” over and over in your head then most likely you will never be good enough.

 The thing is … this is NOT the truth of who you are!

But the power of belief is so strong that when you shift your perspective from the negative to the positive, miraculous things happen.

If you think that men are fantastic, you’ll see fantastic men everywhere.

If you think that men are in general trustworthy, you’ll find that men usually live up to your trust.

If you think that men need love just as much as women, then you’ll meet men who will appreciate your love everywhere.

 It’s as simple as changing your perspective. Our beliefs drive our behaviour, they can be our greatest friend, or our worst enemy, in the end, the choice is yours.

 Don’t look at others ….. change you …. and magically, the people you meet and how they treat you will change in accordance to that.

As adults, we have a wonderful opportunity to transform our limiting beliefs into more productive and positive beliefs, which then translate into a better life experience

You have an absolute freedom to choose the way you want to live and you can choose your own beliefs and ways to behave.

And the good news is, you can turn this around with a few changes in the way you think and behave.

Start to make an effort to change every negative statement into a positive one.

3. Affirmations   Affirmations are positive statements that work on the subconscious mind to shift beliefs. Affirmations are phrases you repeat to yourself on a daily basis. It is not important that you believe them at first – you will see the results anyway. Repeating a positive statement trains the mind to think in a new way.

Some examples of affirmations

Any man would be lucky to talk to me

I am confident and charming and fabulous

My life is complete

I have everything I need to be happy

I am lovable just as I am, and I am now attracting exactly the right love partner to me.

I am worthy of Love

I know that my soulmate is coming to me now

 4. Learn to Love Yourself First  If we’re looking for a relationship to make us happy, then we are going to be disappointed. The key and most important thing that any of us can do to create an ideal relationship is to do everything and anything that we can see to do to become happier and more fulfilled ourselves. 

When you are happy and fulfilled in yourself, then what you’ll discover is that meeting that perfect partner, being with that ideal mate, brings just an added joy, an added layer of joy and fulfilment to that happiness and joy that’s already there within.

…Before he can fall in love with you …. You are going to have to fall in love with you !

 Finding love has nothing to do with having the perfect figure, being successful at work or wearing the right clothes. It has everything to do with believing you are lovable. Unless you feel this way, you’ll never have a happy relationship. When you have a healthy relationship with yourself, you will give off ‘confidence vibes’ and people will be attracted to you – it doesn’t matter what shape and size your body is, IF you can learn to be comfortable in your own skin and you are happy with yourself, then others will pick up on this and they will quickly want to be around you. A balanced happy person is like a magnet.

5. The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction states that we draw to us the people, places, and experiences that match our state of being.

The good news for most of you is that you already know how to manifest. You’ve done it many, many times. Maybe you didn’t think of it as manifestation, but you’ve done it. Whether its creating a new job or new place to live, or parking place.

The Law Of Attraction is a universal law that works on this simple principle: Like attracts like – what you focus on expands. If you put a lot of focus on something you want, you’ll attract it. If you put a lot of focus on something you do NOT want (like being broke), you will attract it. So you see, when you think about something you want, your attention can be on the pleasures of having what you want, or the unhappiness of not having what you want. The Law Of Attraction will then bring more of what you are predominantly focused on into your life.

If you believe that you are unlovable, then you will be right and no-one will love you. If they try to, you’ll either talk them out of it, or you’ll get rid of them completely.

If you believe you are worthless, then you’ll be right as well, and you will find others who treat you poorly. And if you believe you are destined to be alone in life, then guess what? You’ll be alone no matter how much you want love and affection

If you want to attract the people, situations and circumstances that support the manifestation of love in your life, then you must feel love, believe that it is possible for you and claim it as your own. Believing that you can and will have love is the single most important thing you can do

 It all starts with a positive mindset – I can do this … I am worthy of Love …. I deserve a Loving Relationship

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