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Steps to Get Unstuck

Savvy Inspired Woman

Get Unstuck

 In the next few minutes, or in the next few hours – some things are going to happen that will impact your future…..

You’ll take action towards fulfilling a dream… Or you won’t.

You’ll have thoughts that make you feel good about yourself and bring peace and joy… Or you won’t.
 You’ll make a choice to push past your comfort zone, take a chance on yourself… Or you won’t.

And tomorrow will be the same as today.

Because even though you WANT to take action….and move into a place where happiness, love and  money flow easily to you…  Chances are you’ll be stopped, blocked, held back by something already inside you.
We all have unconscious blocks that keep us from reaching our potential.
What is it that keeps you doubting your courage?

What is it that keeps you  accepting mediocrity, “good enough” and fine, when everything in your body is screaming for you to do otherwise?

Are you a prisioner of your own making ?

Do you live with fear and doubt and constantly tell yourself that you are ‘not good enough’, do you see only lack and believe success and life fulfilment is for others, but not you ? 
 Darling You Deserve So Much More!

Would you like to open the door to more happiness. Love, success, self worth and abundance ?

The good news is, you have the key to open the door to everything you want in life!

– The first thing to do is free yourself of past issues and experiences that no longer serve you, this is where my Mind Detox Program can help you.
– If you don’t like what you see , it’s time to transform the way you see it.

 – Decide you no longer want to reside in ‘Misery Lane’ … commit to a new Mental Postcode

– Become aware of your sabotaging thoughts. If you aren’t happy with your life, change your thoughts … that alone has the power to change your life.
– Express gratitude for the things (however small) that are working in your life.

 – Focus on what you want.
– Say ‘Yes’ to these experiences.

– Commit to making  simple changes

 – Play the “What If” Game:
For every negative thought or feeling you get, deliberately and consciously flip it around. For example:  Go from “What if I fail?” to “What if I am successful” or  from “What if I don’t do it right?” to “What if doing right doesn’t matter? Than what?” or from “What if I go on a date and it doesn’t work out” to “What if tonight I meet the Man of My Dreams” or ‘What is it doesn’t work out … so what … I am one man closer to finding my soul mate”  Get the picture? Try it! This is a very powerful exercise!! 
If you need help ‘getting unstuck’ and wish to step into your fabulous new future, you may be interested in Two New  Programs at Savvy Inspired Women

The Mind Detox – Are you feeling ‘stuck’? Do you feel like your life is going around in cirlcles ? Are you held back from achieving what you want in life by feelings of doubt, worry, self sabotage, unworthiness and negative self talk? 
What if there was something you could do today that would start to change the quality of your life? What if this changed the direction of your life in ways you couldn’t imagine possible? The Mind Detox will show you how to transform your self limiting beliefs and become empowered to create greater joy, fulfillment, connection and abundance into your life, so you can finally live the life you desire and deserve?


Discover Your Life Purpose – Vision Dreaming – The Roadmap to Your Fabulous Future –

Vision Dreaming is more than just a goal setting process, it is a powerful and inspiring workshop for manifesting, in which you become the artist of your own life. You will take hold of the paintbrush of possibility and paint an inspiring new vision of happiness, love, fulfilling relationships, joy, passion, purpose and abundance.


Kim xxx

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