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Why Women Love Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey

Have You Read Fifty Shades of Grey?

50 Shades of Grey is an erotic novel written by  E L James , a TV executive, wife and mother-of-two based in West London.

The story is about a young woman, Anastasia Steele who meets  business tycoon Christian Grey , who has a penchant for “bondage and discipline.” If you have ever fantasized about being dominated and you like reading  romance stories with an edge, you might enjoy 50 Shades of Grey.

What is Power Play and Erotic Domination?

Power play is simply a more heightened variety of erotic domination. It’s about one person taking the lead (dominant) and the other surrendering (submissive) always within mutually agreed upon boundaries.


Why do Women Love Fifty Shades of Grey?

1.  It is essentially a romantic love story .

 2. 50 Shades of Grey is a story about a sexy, dominant powerful man and that is fascinating to most women. This has a lot to do with sexual polarity, in todays society many women have morphed into their masculine energy and men into more feminine energy.  Yet so many women are dying for their lovers to take the lead in the bedroom and take them on an Erotic Adventure.  Unfortunately our modern culture has emasculated our men such that they’ve become afraid to sexually lead their woman.

 3. Fifty Shades of Grey has also given women the freedom to talk about the sensual fantasies they think about. Fantasies play a critically important role in keeping sex exciting in long term relationships. Fantasy play and bondage and submission games encourage you to move beyond your comfort zone. They encourage you to surrender to your partner, which requires a great degree of trust and vulnerablity and because of that it will bring you closer to your partner than you have ever been before.

 4. Many women have also been brought up with the ‘Good Girl Syndrome’. This conditioning leads to negative thoughts and feelings about sex and the body, resulting in an inhibited sexual response. How often have you heard the saying ‘Good Girls Don’t”? By playing ‘Fantasy Games’ in the bedroom, you are given permission to ‘Let Go of the Good Girl’ and be a little naughty … because it is only a game

5. It is a Very Sexy Read!!!

For women fortunate enough to have a trusted lover who can take control in the bedroom,  she can surrender completely, knowing he will take her on a  sensual and erotic journey to experience total pleasure.

If you’ve wanted to have your man step up and lead you erotically, tell him. And give him as much detail about what would make it sexy for you and where your boundaries are. Check out the tips below on how to ‘Spice Up Your Sex Life’.

The best lover I ever had,  would push me up against the wall, hold me tight and pin my body to the wall with his torso, he would use his other hand to pull my hair to the side while he kissed and lightly bit the back of my neck. He would then kneel down and slowly run his fingers and tongue up my legs … tell me there is not a woman out there who is swooning right now? Most of us fantasize about the strong, powerful man who can take charge and allow us to surrender completely.

 If you would like to know more about Sexual Fantasy, Erotic Domination and how to Spice Up Your Love Life, you may be interested in my next workshop – Bedroom Goddess – The Lessons in the Art of Loving  on my website Savvy Inspired Women  click here ….

Please leave your comments below and tell me what you thought of Fifty Shades of Grey …. I loved the books!

Love Kim xxx

Tips to help you Spice Up Your Sex Life

Re-ignite your Sex Life

How To Ignite Your Sex Life

Do you remember those days when you couldn’t wait to rip your guy’s clothes off!

For many women in long-term relationships, sex has become just another chore.

Here are 16 tips to help you Re-ignite your Sex Life

1. Retrain your brain. Change the way you think about sex. Most women think of sex as something he gets and you give. Instead, think of yourself as being the receiver or the lucky one. Start seeing sex as a treat for you; you can tune in to other sensual treats in your daily life.

2. Focus on a great sexual experience. Taking just five minutes out of your busy day to replay the specifics of your last really great sexual encounter (even if it was years ago and with someone else!). Thinking about your pleasure: how it made you feel — and how you want to feel that way again can turn you on sexually.

3. Men and Women are different! Acknowledge the differences.Women want romance. They want to cuddle, kiss, touch, talk, be surprised and then make love. On the other hand, men are visual and physically oriented, sexually – They want to be aroused by what their lover wears to bed, the physical language they use, the body cues that they receive from their partner throughout the day, and their partner’s curiosity and interest in being playful and sexy.

4. Take time out for each other. It is essential that you take time out for your relationship as a couple. Schedule a date if you have to, just like you would schedule a haircut or doctor’s appointment. Sometimes work, life’s obligations, and children keep us so busy that the last thing we care to even think about is being intimate. This may sound silly but in today’s world where every minute is accounted for, if you don’t schedule time for your relationship, you won’t have any time for it. And eventually, you won’t have a relationship at all.

5. Write your fantasies. Journal about some of your hottest fantasies

 6. Share your fantasies – I come across so many people that have never shared any of  their fantasies with their partner. It can be a difficult conversation to have, because you don’t know how they are going to react, but often people find out that their partner has similar fantasies and it sparks a whole new life in the bedroom. The beauty of it is that you don’t even have to fulfil those fantasies, sometimes just using them as imagery is enough; imagine your partner whispering in your ear, talking you through the hottest fantasy you’ve ever imagined. When you share your true thoughts and feelings with someone; when you are vulnerable for that moment and it’s reciprocated with equal truth and vulnerability, you grow closer as a couple.

7. Erotica – Read some sexy erotica (try Mills and Boon Blaze Editions for raunchy stories) Have you read the Novel Fifty Shades of Grey?  This book has taken the world by storm … Fifty Shades of Grey is  a story of a young woman, Anastasia Steele who meets a business tycoon Christian Grey,  who has a penchant for “sexual domination.” If you have ever fantasized about being dominated and you like reading romance stories with an edge, you might enjoy 50 Shades of Grey….. it is a really sexy read and has re-ignited the sex lives of women from around the world

8. Flirt with your partner. Remind yourself how much fun you had when you first met – re-spark that inner-sexiness from when you first met. A fun thing to do is to meet at a bar and pretend to be strangers and flirt outrageously with each other.

9. Touch – Focus on the physical act of touching. Touch is always a big part of a healthy passionate relationship. Yet so much of the time we forget how to touch our partners. The act of touching is very sensual and fosters an intimate feeling of one-ness. This feeling creates an invisible, seamless transition into foreplay. Take it from there without any expectations. Go with the flow and see where you end up. Humans get so much from touch but most importantly they get a barrage of neurochemicals like endorphins and oxytocin. Endorphins make people feel good and oxytocin bonds people together.

10. Initiate Sex – Often times in relationships the man is the one who initiates sex the most. But eventually a man may get sick of always having to be the one who gets thing started. One of the ways to reignite your sex life is to make your partner feel wanted. Both people in the relationship should initiate intimacy.

11. Try somewhere different – Throw away all your beliefs on how and where you should you have sex. Be open, playful and creative. If you always have sex in the bedroom, pick somewhere else in the house! Write a list of the places you’d like to have sex. Every time you and your partner do something new you create new neural pathways. This helps to create memories as well as helps to continually bond you and your partner. This doesn’t take money necessarily either. This can be something as simple of creating a picnic dinner with wine and candles in the living room. Laughing, being a little wild, and having fun are all great ways to re-trigger the lightness and joy you felt when you first met. Several psychology studies show that if you do activities with your partner that produce brain chemicals associated with arousal, this arousal gets transferred to your private, intimate relationship. Activities that create fear (e.g., roller coaster rides, skydiving, bungee jumping, or scary movies) or that cause an upsurge in the feel-good brain chemicals and this actually increases passionate love.

12. Add some new toys! Experiment with different positions, toys, styles and whatever else you and your partner agree to. This creates novelty so these two work hand in hand! Try a toy you’ve never used before and see what wonderful things you can find to do with it. Trust me, vibrators and bullets are just as much fun used on guys as they are on girls.  Many men report a great feeling when using a vibrator on their inner thighs and on their testicles. (Tip – if using Anal Toys make sure they have a flange or base that is wider than the toy to prevent it from disappearing!)

13. Have Sex Early in the Day – Men’s testosterone peaks between 7 and 8 a.m. so take advantage of this fun fact and have sex with him a few minutes after the alarm goes off

14. Seduce Each Other With Phone Sex – When he is at work send him a seductive text message or picture. Not sure where to start? Try texting him something simple but suggestive like, “Can’t wait 2 c u 2night” Just let him know that you are thinking about being alone with him. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but if you aren’t into the thought of taking nude pics of yourself, you can send him a picture of your lacy bra with the message, “Can’t wait 4 u 2 take this off me 2night.” It’s okay to feel a little shy or awkward, especially if you are new at the seduction bit. However, the more you do it, the more comfortable you will feel, especially when you see how enthusiastically your partner responds.  

15. Kiss – not just a peck on the cheek, a REAL KISS – spontaneously kiss your man for at least 10 seconds 3 times a day.

16. Serve yourself for dessert. It sounds silly but it can also be really fun and sexy. Try feeding each other juicy fruit like peaches or strawberries. Grab some yummy ice cream toppings from the kitchen such as whipped cream and chocolate syrup and turn your body into the sexiest sundae he’s ever tasted.

7 day Coaching Challenge

Day 1. Tonight, ask your partner what turns him or her on. Talking about sex generally leads to sex!

Day 2. Kiss your partner passionately for a full 2 minutes

Day 3. Send a sexy Text Message

Day 4 – Sleep Naked (please no frumpy flanellettes … or t shirts)

Day 5. Have a bath or shower together and wash each other

Day 6. Buy an erotic novel (or find a story online) and lie in bed and read it to your partner – Remember try Fifty Shades of Grey!

Day 7. Make love somewhere different. Or throw a blanket onto the living room floor, have sex in the bathroom, make out in the Car

Would you like some private coaching on how to Spice Up Your Sex Life and Introduce Fantasy Play and Sensual Domination

Bedroom Goddess is designed for women of all ages 
who are single or in committed relationships who ….

– Have lost touch with their sensuality
– Have forgotten how to be playful in the bedroom
– Are re-entering the dating scene after a break-up or a divorce and need to regain their confidence in the bedroom
– Are in a long term relationship and want to ‘spice things up’

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Are You able to Receive

Giving and Receiving

I am one of those people who gives to others freely and that is a wonderful thing to be able to do …. but have never been good at receiving.

I was always giving to others …. my partner, my children , my job, my parents, my friends  ….. but soon becone angry, bitter and resentful about ‘always giving’  …. no-one ever gave to me …. Can you relate to this ?

What I discovered , was that people were giving to me all the time …. but I didn’t know how to receive !

I was brought up to be very independent … to do it all myself and not to rely on others …. but this belief was not serving me.

I  needed to learn how to receive from others.

Learning how to receive actually comes down to our self worth … maybe we don’t feel worthy or deserving of receiving ….

You are Worthy of Receiving

You are Good Enough

From Today Practice Receiving …

Recieve your own self love … give yourself a hig, and say ‘I love you’

Give yourself the gift of time … time to have a nap, time to have a bubblebath, time to spend with girlfriends

The next time someone compliments you …. just say ‘thankyou’ … don’t start making some excuse … eg. if your best friend complimented you on a dress you are wearing … don’t say … ‘Oh This old thing, or I got it on sale’ …. don’t make excuses …Just Receive the Compliment and say THANKYOU

Allow yourself to receive Gifts from others with arms, minds and hearts open and simply say thank you. Accepting a person’s gift is a gift in itself.

If someone offers to help … don’t say “it’s ok , I’ll manage” …. just say “thankyou, that would be wonderful”

Today I am Grateful For …

All of my new Newsletter Subscribers

Watching the huge Cruise ship that is berthed right in my front yard (TRUE!!!, I live next to the river)

My delicious, sensual body ….. I hope you are grateful for yours as well

A  yummy Mango and Spinach Smoothie for breakfast (YUMMY)

Time to sit down and paint my nails in a divine colour

I would love you to leave a comment about your journey with being able to receive.

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30 Day Gratitude Challenge – Do You Play the Victim


You are a magnificent creator


The Benefits of Being the Victim

Have you ever ‘played the victim’?

For many years, especially after my divorce, I ‘played the victim’ …  I played the ‘pity me’ game …. and told myself  the poor Kim story  …

The problem was that it kept me in a dark place , life was not fun anymore !

I decided that I did not want to live like this anymore so I asked myself some questions ….

Was this way of living serving me?

What do I want?

What would make my heart sing? 

I have since changed my story from the inside out !

My past is what it is …. my present is what it is …. but my future is what I choose to make it !!

I am the captain of my ship

I set the sails and I plan the journey

My past does not predict my future

because I am willing to do what it takes

to create a better life

I am stronger than I have ever given myself credit for

I am a powerful creator in my life …… 


I just wanted to share an article written by Reverend Dr. Lorraine Cohen on being the victim.

Circumstance to the Hero of Your Life Story

 By Reverend Dr. Lorraine Cohen
Founder of Powerfull Living

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Life happens while you’re busy making other plans?” How often do you set your sights on a specific objective and goal, only to have your best intentions go awry? Things don’t always go the way you planned or hoped.

When things seem to hit bumps or create undesirable experiences, how do you respond? Do you roll up your sleeves and focus on how to best dance with the situation to learn and grow? Or do you begin a downward spiral into your victim—feeling fear, overwhelm, a sense of defeat or depression?

I’ve always considered myself to be an optimistic, upbeat person. And yet, when life throws me an unexpected curve, my initial response can dip into the negative pretty fast—especially when it requires me to do things I have never done before. I hear my small inner child cry, “I can’t do it! It’s too hard. I don’t know how. I don’t want to. What if I fail?” I can feel myself shifting into feeling like a victim in seconds.

Breathing, getting present, re-centering, and using my healing tools help me to shift my energies and focus so I can feel my courage and power return.

We all have the capacity to shrink from our courage and power when we forget who we are. Our minds race in with worst-case scenarios and “what ifs” as our imaginations run wild. Our egos create elaborate stories and dramas that cause us to feel at risk and frightened. We believe what we imagine as if it were real and certain. We collect evidence from the past as proof that life is unfair, unsafe, and painful. We expect the worst rather than expecting the best.

When we are in the throes of panic and dread, it can feel like you’re on a runaway train or drowning as you struggle to “get rid of the thoughts and feelings.” The key is moving through the experience rather than trying to avoid the pain and discomfort or taking up residence and making that situation the story of your life!

Every life experience offers a healing, a growth opportunity. What you resist, persists.

Life is a journey of courage. Each day brings new experiences that create opportunities to say YES to who we are meant to be.

No matter what is happening, one power you always retain is how you choose to show up to life. Your attitude is entirely up to you. In every moment, you choose your attitude. If you think you don’t, that’s where your victim steps in.

What makes identifying with a victim so compelling?

Some of the benefits of being a victim:

  • Feeling owed or entitled to something
  • No personal accountability, responsibility, or expectations
  • The right to blame, complain, judge, and criticize
  •  “Poor me” gains support, pity, and sympathy
  • Don’t have to show up
  • Use of excuses, rationalizations, and reasons to avoid life situations
  • Deny your potential to play small and hide out from life experiences
  • Illusion of safety from hurt and upset

The irony is that staying in our victim causes us to experience a life full of pain and constriction. It’s a way many people become spectators of life rather than active participants and deliberate creators. Desiring more and feeling imprisoned by old fears, beliefs, and habits that keep us stuck in the past while we long for a brighter future.

During the course of our life, we take on many roles and identities that become part of who we believe ourselves to be. We might view certain parts of ourselves with disdain and others with positive appreciation. Each part has served us in ways to help us thrive or survive. To be whole, we must embrace all parts of ourselves with love and compassion, inviting the best of who we are to emerge and integrate as we awaken and evolve.

Lorraine CohenCreatively inspiring and innovative, Reverend Dr. Lorraine Cohen is recognized as a cutting edge expert in the fields of personal growth, spiritual evolution, and conscious entrepreneurship. Founder of Powerfull Living, she is a gifted spiritual life coach and advisor, published writer, speaker, and popular radio broadcaster.

For more than 20 years, Lorraine has coached thousands of spiritually-aware business owners to overcome the limitations of their mind to live happy and abundant lives that align with their spirit. An expert in Transforming Fear into Power and removing barriers to success, she helps people shift from being a victim of their circumstances to being the hero to their own life story.


Today I am grateful for …

I am grateful that I am a powerful creator in my life

I am grateful that I am having my 2 lovely girls  — Cassandra and Samantha and Sam’s boyfriend Nathan sleep over tonight

I am grateful for a great nights sleep last night

I am grateful for my inner strength, that has got me to where I am today

I am grateful for a beautiful cool shower this morning

You are a powerful creator in your own life …

So start changing the story you tell about yourself … and your life will start to change !

Do you realize that?

Make your life special!

Make it Fabulous!

Please leave a comment.


Kim xxx

If you need help to get out of the ‘victim’ mode, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) may be able to help, please visit my website to learn more about EFT

While there why not sign up for my FREE Course ‘The 6 Steps to Fabulous’

Gratitude Challenge Day 4 – Dream BIG

Dream Big


We live in a society where over 50% of visits to the GP are due to depression or anxiety, it’s obvious the majority of us are not getting it right.

Many of us hold onto these things that aren’t working well, and avoid change, because, we are in our comfort zone.
When we fight the ‘flow of life’ we can become unhappy, depressed and anxious.

Look around you…… This is your life, right now.

What are you doing? Are you happy? Are you healthy? Do you feel energised by your life? Do you bound out of bed each day eager to get going? Do you come home feeling satisfied by the rewarding day, keen now to enjoy some play time with your children? Do you look forward to an intimate evening with your partner? Are you as excited and interested in hearing about their day as when you first met?

What about the time you give to you? Do you listen to your body‘s messages for rest, nourishment, skin care, exercise? Do you include quiet time for yourself in each day?

Or does it feel like your life is out of your control? Does it seem that what you want to do is dominated by work, caring duties, parenting, study, commitments?

What happened to your dreams?

It is time to get selfish , and think about what you want and why.

I want you to start thinking about the life you would have if you could.

When a woman ignores her dreams they dry up and disappear.

Our precious dreams are what produce the excitement and inspiration  in our lives

Do you think you are too old, too poor, or perhaps you think it is just too late to make your dreams come true ? Do you think you are too busy with your family to bother about what you want?

When we disregard our dreams , we are disregarding part of ourselves, giving up on a part of ourselves.

Well I am here to tell you that is never too late to chase your dream.

Life is full of late bloomers. Success and fulfilment are not reserved for people in their 20’s and 30’s … it is waiting for anyone who is willing to get out there and grab life.

When a woman is happy and fulfilled, those around her share the rewards.
You only have one life, and if you currently dislike where you are, you owe it to yourself to change things and cram it with as much fun, happiness as you can.

It is not selfish to put your desires ahead of your partner or children,  but it is, if you put your needs second …… and then make everyone feel bad about what is happening to you.

Chasing your dreams and desires is dependant on your feelings of self worth.  Low self esteem may affect your career choice, your relationship and your goals.

It is so much easier to ‘play it safe’ in all areas of life.

Playing it safe has it’s benefits
 … that is, you always feel safe
… but is kills your desires and you will never get what you really want out of life.

There is nothing more appealing than a woman who pursues her passions. It could be anything from cooking to dancing to reading or travel – anything that helps you tap into the joys you feel life has to offer you.

Instead of asking yourself, ‘what will happen if I change?’ and become overcome by fear of imagined negative outcomes, try asking, ‘what will happen if I don’t change ?’

Passionate people are contagious, so infect the world with your charm !

Today I am Grateful for …

I am grateful for Airconditioning at 7am in the morning

I am grateful for a lovely dinner with a friend last night

I am grateful for my beautiful daughter Emily who will be back living with me again soon

I am grateful for my dreams , passion and vision for the future

I am grateful for YOU !

Don’t look back ….

Your future’s right in front of you

Face the future

Play along

The Best Is Yet To Come

I’d love you to tell me what you are grateful for, please leave your comments xxxx


Kim xxxx

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30 Day Gratitude Challenge Day 3

Be Grateful, Dance, Be Happy, You are Fabulous

” Love follows you. Absolutely everything you experience in your life is a result of what you have given out in your thoughts and feelings, whether you realize you have given them out or not. Life is not happening to you … life is following you. Your destiny is in your hands. whatever you think, whatever you feel, will decide your life.’ Rhonda Byrne

I wanted to share this clip by Depak Chopra on Gratitude

Remember to feel good about the successes of others, when you feel good and are grateful about anything another person has, you are bringing it to you. when you feel good about someone elses success , happiness or the love they have in their lives, you are in essence choosing from the catalogue of life. Say YES , this is for me also!

Today I am grateful for ….

My friend Roslyn’s loving husband

My amazing Mum, who is always there for me

A great workout at the gym today

The beautiful sunshine that was streaming onto me while I was in the pool this mornong

A lovely cup of tea, made in a pot and served in a special china cup

This is a BIG one for me  … that my Ex-Husband has a lovely new Fiancee and that they are both Happy xxx

I’d love you to leave you comments … just click the ‘leave a comment’ box at the top of  this post

Tell me what you are grateful for?

Dream Big My Goddess …. you are meant to have an amazing life !!

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30 Day Gratitude Challenge Day 2 – Your Goals for 2011


What the Catterpillar sees as the end of the world, the Master sees as a New Beginning' Richard Bach

So how did you go ?

Thankyou to Krishna and Roslyn who posted their  5 Daily Gratitude  Blessings here … did you at least write them in your Journal ?

I really urge you to play along … this simple act can really change your life !

Click the Add a Comment button at the top of the page and add your Gratitude Blessing for today (you don’t even have to sign up to my blog to do so)

Today I am Grateful for …

I am grateful for the beautiful sunshine

I am grateful for being able to stand next to the river today and watch it rushing past me (floodwaters)

I am grateful for knowing that my gorgeous Daughters (and one Boyfriend) are all ok up in North Qld

I am grateful for my lovely neighbour, who I enjoyed a coffee with

I am grateful for all the wonderful syncronicities that have happened in my life today

I am grateful for the beautiful elderly lady I was talking to in Coles this afternoon

So what are you grateful for … as you can see it doesn’t have to be anything huge … 

Maybe you are grateful that the day is over!

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more”. Oprah Winfrey 

Today I want to share a page from my website on how to set goals. Some of you have already read this and hopefully used it to set your goals for 2011. If  not, take some time out this weekendd to think about what you want to achieve in 2011.

A New Year … A New You

The end of the old year and the start of the New Year is a wonderful time of year, to pause and reflect on who you are, who you want to be, discover what’s really important to you and what you want to achieve over the next year?

The period before the New Year can also be a great time for letting go of what doesn’t serve you (mentally, emotionally, and physically …. be it habits, beliefs, attitudes, people, circumstances, etc.).

Studies show that those who actually write down their goals have a much greater chance of making them happen, even if they never look at their list for the rest of the year.

Have you written your New Year’s resolutions yet?

When January 1st arrives, everyone has big dreams and ideas but they always seem to die out by the first week of February.

Let’s leave that behaviour behind in 2010 and raise the bar for 2011!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. So why not begin designing the life you REALLY want – right here, right now!

Are you are ready to embrace 2011 with a vengeance?

So Where Do You Start?

Here is a powerful exercise to let you ready yourself to move forward into the New Year

1.Spend the last few hours of 2010, reflecting on what was.

Ask yourself, how did 2010 measure up for you?

Did you set your goals and watch them materialize?

Did you have a few obstacles get in your path?

What were some of your challenges and successes?
Make sure you celebrate your past success. So make a list of all of the wins, successes, joys, delights and breakthroughs that have happened to you in 2010.

Make a list of all of your disappointments, failures and losses.

Identify the ones you are willing to let go of and write them down on a piece of paper. 

State to yourself, “I now release all old energy back to the Universe and make way for all new possibilities coming my way. And so it is.” 

Take your paper and release the energy back into the Universe by burning it, burying it, or tearing into tiny bits and throwing it away.

2. Now it is time to Celebrate Your Success

I mean everything, the little stuff DOES count. It’s time to validate and take ownership of all that you have accomplished.

What have you learned about yourself and your life?

What insights have you gained?

What are you grateful for? This list might include some of the above, and/or anything else you truly appreciate about yourself, the people, the things or activities that are in your life.

There is a basic principle that whatever you appreciate and give thanks for will increase in your life.

So get a piece of paper and write down 50 things you accomplished last year.

Next, give yourself a pat on the back ! What would be a fun, special, personal thing to do for yourself in celebration of last year’s accomplishments?

How will you honour yourself? You deserve it!

Buy yourself a nice cup of coffee, sit in a bubble bath or call up a friend or associate and tell them what you accomplished. Let yourself feel good about what you accomplished – you did well!

 2011 is full of possibilites … to read the full article on how to Set your Goals for 2011 click this link or paste it into your browser.


Well my Darling Goddess , see you tomorrow.


Kim xxxx


Can You Have It All

Savvy Inspired Women

I was sitting on the balcony today, wondering is it really possible to have it all ? 
Do you sometimes wonder that as well ?
We all want success, health, wonderful relationships, a fantastic career and home. We all want to feel empowered, strong and sexy. We all want to experience abundance, joy and happiness.
Some of us achieve this, and some of us endure one  letdown after another. It’s almost as if we have been programmed  to believe that when good things happen …. we had better watch out … because we will eventually fall.
Can you relate to this ? 

You need to realize that you are not who you’ve been – you are the potential of who you’ll become, and YOU can become anyone you choose to be !
It is your actions and reactions that will either sail you into the stormy seas of life …. or guide you towards the most incredible adventures you can imagine.
The choice is yours!
We can all create an amazing life … but first, we need to clean up the past. Until you face your past and clear up the emotional baggage …. nothing will change …. you will keep running around in circles … like the mouse running around a wheel .
You can run , but you can’t hide …. at least from yourself !
Self sabotage is a clear sign that you have something weighing on your conscience. Repress your feelings – blame, sorrow, grief, anger, jealousy and eventually they will find a way to reappear.
Is the burden of carrying around these feeling’s weighing you down ? Are your shoulders drooping from the weight of your problems? It will  manifest itself in  your life as weight gain, relationship issues, financial mess, health problems and addictions.
Are you tired of hanging onto this baggage?
If you can’t seen to create or sustain success, you clearly have some unfinished business that needs to be cleaned up!
So how do we do this ?
Cleaning up your life takes courage, honesty and hard work. It can be tough at times.
Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself ….Why would I create this?’ Who do you see in the mirror … look deep into your heart …. what do you see? What does your reflection tell you about yourself? This is your life. This is you.
By having the courage to be honest and look yourself in the mirror, you gain control of your life, your integrity and your dignity.
When a woman feels empowered she can empower others. All aspects of her life will change including her relationships with her partner, family, friends and business associates.
For women, the worst enemy they have is themselves. When a woman can love herself for who she is, everything else in her life becomes better.
You may want to have a look at the workshops I hold, or book in for some coaching. I use EFT to release all of that baggage.
I guarantee inspiration, transformation, education and empowerment.Women attending these workshops will learn how to love their body, break through self doubt and worry, let go of emotional baggage, learn how to ask for what they want.

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Kim xxx

A Welcome Video From Kim

Hi everyone …. well after a bit of prompting , I have finally uploaded a Welcome Video for you. So now you know what I look and sound like !!

Have a look at all 3 of them and please leave your comments below 🙂

Video 1 – Welcome and About Savvy Inspired Women

Video No2. Forgiveness

Video No 3 Tips to Achieving Orgasm

 I hope you enjoy them … I would love you to let me know …. so please leave a comment below and also leave a comment or click the ‘like’ button on You Tube.


Kim xxx

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Are Past Relationships Stopping You From Creating a Love Filled Future? 

– Are past relationships impacting your ability to move on with your life ?

– Have you been in a ‘bad relationship’ and are still feeling intense emotional pain?

– Are you finding it hard to move on after a Divorce?

– Are you struggling to let go of a past love?

– Do you compare every man you meet to a past ‘great love’?

– Are you feeling stuck?

Your attachments to these past relationships, are the ’emotional baggage’ that you carry around on your shoulders …. or in your heart  

… this baggage  stops you from moving on with your life 

…. or eventually destroys  future relationships.

If you are still singel and don’t want to be, then ther’s a good chance that you have unconscious barriers to love. The good news is that once these barriers are identified, they can be easily transformed.

This 3 Step ‘Breakthrough Program’ will remove any obstacles you have 
to finding love after a break-up or divorce, by clearing out all of your ‘left-over baggage.’

You will Discover how to ….

– Release your painfull feelings of Anger, Hurt, Sadness, Regret and Unworthiness
– Break Free from the past
– Get Resolution
– Be able to move on to new fulfilling relationships

You will also end up with a ‘New Toolbox of Techniques’ that you can use on your own in the future (should you ever need it)

This is the start of a New Chapter in the Amazing Life Of YOU

Next Course Saturday November 27th.


My name is Kim Gillespie, I am the Creatrix of and

If you’re ready to live a richer, fuller life, filled with more love, happiness and joy.

You’re in the right place !

You design your homes

You design your meals

You design your wardrobe

… why not design your Life !

It is my honour to be your guide for the journey.

My aim is to help you re-discover the Fabulicious,Babelicious, Luscious goddess
within and provide a safe nurturing space for uninhibited growth and discovery.

Let’s get excited about your life and create a Fabulous New You !

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