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The Secrets to Happiness


The Secrets to Happiness

The Secrets to Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

Would you like to live a Happier Life ?
Everyone in this world wants to be happy.
So if happiness is such a common goal, why is unhappiness so common today ?

If someone stopped you in the street tomorrow and asked you what would make you happier, what would you say ? A holiday, winning the lotto, meeting the man or woman of your dreams, a sports car, being 5kg lighter ?
If you think any of these things would make you happier …you’re wrong !

We are bombarded with advertising that usually equates happiness with having the right car or clothes. In recent years our purchasing power has increased, which means we can afford to buy more things and yet buying more stuff has not made us any happier, because happiness is not for sale.

You can wear designer labels, but still have no time for yourself.
You can have a nanny and a housekeeper, but still feel that life is a chore.
You can wear diamonds, but still have no sparkle in your life.
You can drive a sports car … and still feel unhappy

We are taught to make our happiness dependant on outside sources – an event, condition, person, object etc., and we keep delaying our happiness until things are just right in out lives. But life is never just right – there is only now !

We are conditioned to think that we have to search for happiness, that happiness is somewhere else other than where we are right now.

Mistakenly we believe that happiness is a destination, and a place to get to. This causes us to race through life to ‘get’ happiness. In an effort to find this elusive place, we overlook the beauty in the ordinary, and we fail to see what is already there.

What distinguishes happy people from the unhappy is their attitude, happy people have a different way of thinking about things and doing things. They interpret the world in a different way, and go about their lives in a different way.

Some tips for living a Happier Life
 – Use positive language
How do you answer, when someone asks you ‘how are you?’, do you answer ‘not bad’, ‘ok’, ‘hanging in there’, ‘not dead yet’ ?
Why not say … ‘I’m in paradise…. Care to join me?’ , or ‘I’m fabulous’.

Invest in experiences not stuff. It feels good when you buy stuff – for a week or so . Focus on experiences rather than on the material. Make a list of everything in your life that is more precious to you than money. Think also about everything you have already that money can’t buy – family, friends, health, laughter, your imagination, spirituality. Share life’s experiences with others.

– Focus on positive emotions – curiosity instead of fear, compassion instead of anger .

– Expect to find Joy in everything you do
Send love into the day ahead and expect joy and delightful experiences. Choose for yourself heaven in your heart, light in your soul and miracles in your life

– Take the scenic route
Take the scenic route to work and make your drive fresh, magical and fun

Practice smiling, this is the start of pleasure. It is hard to feel unhappy when you are smiling !

Start seeing the glass as half full
Reshape your attitude. Rather than thinking ‘I don’t have enough’ , reprogram your mind to think ‘I have more than enough’.
Happiness is a skill and the more you practice it, the better you get.
Be positive, statistics show that your life circumstances influence your happiness by only 10% in the long term.
The key to long term happiness is attitude not circumstance. Set a goal to enjoy today 10% more than yesterday.

Treasure relationships
Investing time, energy and attention in your most important relationships will increase your happiness.

Make time for fun
Most of us are so preoccupied with life’s chores that we sometimes forget to enjoy ourselves. Make a commitment to having fun. Make time for your family, friends, hobbies and passions.

Count your blessings
Keep a gratitude journal. Write down at least 5 things a day that you are grateful for, made you smile or inspired you.

Look after yourself
To be happy you must never compromise your health. Exercise, eat healthy clean foods, get enough sleep will improve your mood and energy levels.

Have a clear life direction – a life purpose. People who have goals in life are happier.

– Think better thoughts.
You can’t control circumstances outside of yourself. Life is full of experiences. But you can, with practice, decide what goes on inside. In each moment, you can choose what you want to think about, what you wish to imagine and what you wish to feel. If you are not thinking good thoughts, choose again. You have the freedom to choose a better thought.

– Practice

Learning to become happy and joyful takes time and practice. Happiness is a decision made repeatedly, and one that must be supported with thoughts and actions.
You alone are responsible for creating your experience.

– Share positive feelings
Let your children know how great it feels to spend time with them, tell your partner how much you love and appreciate them, tell your best friend how much you enjoyed having coffee with them last week, call your parents – tell them you love them. Sharing happy memories or experiences with others – or even anticipating doing so is a powerful way of experiencing more happiness and joy.

– Acts of kindness
Committing random acts of kindness, is one of the most established and popular happiness boosters. Carrying out good deeds both enhances your view of the world and makes you feel capable and strong. For the next 7 days, carry out 3 random acts of kindness every day.
Choose activities that require some kind of thought and intentional effort from you. Vary what you do, and the people you choose to help.

Don’t overcomplicate things
Adults have an amazing ability to overcomplicate things and imagine that life is far more difficult than it needs to be. Act like a child, approach situations as an opportunity to have fun. Expect each and every day to be a fun, happy one. Being happy is a state of mind

Practice forgiveness

– Say yes to an offer you would normally decline
All of us get invitations that we decline because we aren’t interested in it, or don’t have time. This week say yes. Go out on a limb.

– Enjoy
Enjoy the moment – too many people spend too much time dwelling on the past and worrying about the future. Focus on and live in the present moment and appreciate what you have

The No 1 tip I can give you to make this day the best day ever ….
Stop waiting for happiness. Happiness is right here, right now !
The search for happiness can be never ending.

To be peaceful, choose peace. To be free, choose freedom. To be loved, give love. To be happy, choose happiness

So just for today, stop searching and just be.
Appreciate and enjoy where you are right now.

Wishing you Love, Laughter and … great sex

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kim xxx


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