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7 Tips to Feeling More Sensual


What happened to that sexy, flirtatious girl you used to know?

Don’t worry — she’s still in there.

Sensuality and seductiveness is never about what we wear or show to the outside world. It’s aboutthe way we feel inside; it is simply an attitude and a seductive MINDSET. The sexiest part of any woman’s body is between her ears – the way she thinks. Especially about herself.

Sex, a sexier life and self-esteem go hand in hand, because if you don’t feel good about yourself andyour body, the chances of feeling good in bed are limited.

There are many ways to feel sexier in your daily life – and many of these are to do with the way you treat yourself. Being sexy is not about looks. It is all about self-worth. Your sexual confidence includes how you feel about your body, how you imagine other people perceive you, and whether or not you feel attractive to the opposite sex.

Sophia Loren said, “Sex appeal is fifty per cent what you’ve got and fifty per cent what people think you’ve got.”

Magnetic sexy women want adventures, to be with them is to bask in their aura, it hints at world of possibilities and feminine mystique. They don’t wait for others to light their fire – they simply set their own blaze. Most importantly they don’t try and please men. They aim to please themselves. Ironically it’s this very attitude that creates the sense of gravity that pulls men towards them.

Tips to Feel More Sexy and Sensual

Sensuality is not simply about learning to appreciate your body — it’s also about making the sensory experience part of your everyday life, the more tuned in you are to the way things feel, look, smell, and taste, the more sensual — and sexual — you’ll become. Becoming more beautiful and sexy is available to everyone. Look within, discover who you are and fall in love with her.

Your Inner Sensual Goddess wants to let you know that you are a woman and not to hide yourselfaway. Close your eyes and feel her dancing around you. Release the old you and embrace your femininity, your curves and your fabulousness.

1. Visualization can be very powerful, Several times a day, imagine yourself as a powerful, loving and seductive woman who oozes femininity, sensuality and passion…. Believing yourself to be a powerful, loving and seductive woman will reinforce your subconscious mind, giving you a seductive mindset and attitude, as well as bring you the confidence you need to attract quality men.

Go ahead and say it – “I am sexy.”

•I am a sensual, sexual woman.

•I am a vixen

•I deserve pleasure

•I am sexy and beautiful.

•I embrace my body and my sexuality.

•Receiving pleasure is as important as giving pleasure.

•I open myself to pleasure.

2. Fill up Your Pleasure Tank. The sensual Goddess requires Pleasure! There is nothing sexy about a dry, crackly, bitchy, whining woman. Notice when you’re operating on empty. Then start thinking of ways you can make every day even more pleasurable. Make time for something you love every day. Notice how much sexier you feel when you treat yourself like the sensual goddess you are.

3. Dance – Whether it’s taking up pole dancing, belly dance, burlesque or just dancing at home by yourself, Dance reconnects you to the Feminine Sensual Goddess inside

4. Immerse yourself in full body sensuality: set aside time for soaking in a bath scented with Essential Oils. Light some candles and listen to your favourite music as your body and mind relax. And then, massage coconut oil into your warm skin… taking time to follow your body’s curves and taking a detour to all the right places.

5. Do your Kegels. Kegels can improve genital tone and sexual response, all of which can make orgasms more intense for you and your partner. Isolate the muscles you use to stop and start urine flow and then clench and release those muscles whenever you are stuck in traffic  or in a boring meeting.

6. Connect to your body. Knowing and understanding your body is essential to being a sensual and sexy. It also comes in handy when you want to be intimate with another individual – you know what you like and need and can have healthy communication about it.

In order to seduce a man, a woman must first and foremost seduce herself!

 7. Sleep naked. If you’re a pyjama pants and T-shirt kind of girl, sleeping naked will make youfeel a thousand times sexier, which will in turn, get you in the mood.

Next time I will talk about how to Ignite Your Sex Life.

I’d love your comments on what you do to feel more sensual.


Kim xxx

What Do You Love About Yourself?

What do You Love About yourself?


Hi Beautiful

What do you love about yourself?

What is unique and wonderful about you?

Focus your attention of what you utterly love and appreciate about YOU  and watch how magnetic you become!

What do you become magnetic to ?

Whatever your dominant intention is …. so self appreciation attracts more appreciation 
and not only of yourself, but from others. 
Don’t be surprised when people comment on how well you look, they ask if you have just been on holiday!
Your Boss tells you you’ve done a great job ….

At the end of your day,  make a detailed list of what was great about YOU during that day.

I want you to say this affirmation morning and night ….

“I am the captain of my ship. 
I am stronger than I’ve ever given myself credit for.
My past does not predict my future 
because I am willing to do what it takes 
to create a better life.
I know it won’t happen overnight, 
but it will happen ….
I will make it happen.
If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me.


Have an Incredible Day


Kim xxx

How Do You Care For Yourself?

Many women live with guilt. They give to their careers, children and partners and leave themselves until last, and usually by that time, there is nothing left to give.
In the last few years there has been a substantial decline in women’s health and energy levels. I constantly see women who are tired, stressed, have no libido, their relationship is failing and they have lost confidence in themselves along the way.

We lead such busy lives, technology helps us flit like butterflies from one task to the other, but sometimes this means when we get home, we are unable to ‘switch off’ and relax.

If you neglect yourself and your spirit will feel deprived and a deprived spirit will always manifest itself in your physical body. A neglected spirit is never satisfied, you’re never thin enough, pretty enough, life is always too dificult and your self confidence and self worth disappears.

There is a cure – the treatment to is a regular habit of Self Care. Self care is giving your body attention, respect, love and pampering it deserves.

“How you treat yourself is an example to the world of how the world should treat you. People cannot and will not treat you any better than you treat yourself. If you don’t treat yourself well, others won’t treat you well either” James Ray. Harmonic Wealth.

The beauty of this is, that once you start deliberately practicing self love, you’ll notice the people around you, begin to reflect it back to you. Good things happen, people become extra nice, service gets better, you get compliments.

One of the most common excuses I hear from women who deprive themselves of self care, is ‘I don’t have the time’, but we all have choices.

We can fill our lives to the brim and make excuses for neglecting ourselves, or we can benefit from simple daily pleasures that allow us to indulge in self love and live in the moment.

Challenging these beliefs may initially feel uncomfortable, but everyone needs some dedicated ‘me time’. By doing this , we refresh our connection to ourselves and to those around us.

When we are feeling down, it’s common for us to feel we need mothering, we want a motherly figure to care for us with tenderness. But it’s not someone else’s job to mother us.

The key to self care is to mother yourself, to love yourself unconditionally.

YOU give yourself what YOU need.

Think about how you comfort your children or a best friend when they are hurting? Give yourself the same tenderness .

How do you nourish yourself ?
 Nourishing touch

Nourishing walks

Nourishing books

Nourishing words

Nourishing Environments

We all have experiences that make us feel beautiful, whether its getting a massage, a facial, getting dressed up for a ‘girls night out’ or going for a walk by the seaside or in a local park.

Make up your list of what makes you feel beautiful and loved. Now find ways to feed this self love meter. Do something every day that makes you feel wonderful.

Take regular doses of Oxygen
In aircraft safety they say for you to put your own oxygen mask on first – that’s because unless you take care of yourself first you are a liability.Start taking regular doses of oxygen, do the things that bring you joy
When you don’t indulge in what you enjoy, the universe can’t indulge you either

How do you indulge yourself?

– a bath

– a leisurely afternoon at the park

– a slice of chocolate cake

– buying yourself flowers

– going to bed early

By indulging yourself in what you enjoy most, you set the tone, raise your vibration, and allow the universe to indulge you as well.

Bathing is so much more than just getting clean, it can help return the inner calm that most of us need more than ever in out lives. Make bathing a weekly ritual, run a bath and add some beautiful oils, light some candles and close the door , this is your time out.

For a delicious treat that is marvellous for the skin, borrow an idea from Cleopatra, pour a whole 2L of milk into your bath, along with some Lavender Oil, the oil will relax you and the milk is soothing and moisturising for the skin.

Incorporating massage into your routine makes a noticeable difference . As well as relaxing muscles, Having a monthly massage gives you permission to just ‘be’.
We have so much to think about these days that we are training our brains to dart from one thought to the other. The first step to quietening our thoughts is to be mindful. Try closing your eyes and breathing deeply for a few moments, then look at everything around you, and examine each object in detail as if for the first time. Try as you go through your day to be more aware of the present moment. Slow down and check into the stillness at the centre of you, for a touch of peace.
Rest is a foreign concept to many women. Many women are experts at ‘doing‘, and not good at simply ‘being‘. Commit to 15 minutes a day of rest, whether this is taking a walk, having a nap or simply looking out a window.
Put on some music and dance, close your eyes, sway your hips, move your body.


Make the decision every day to love and cherish the amazing woman that you are. Take time every day to nourish your spirit.

Breathe deeply ….  Relax your Shoulders …. Open your Heart

I would love you to leave your comments below. Tell me how you ‘Care for Yourself’

Kisses Kim xxx

Kim Gillespie is the creatrix of Savvy Inspired Women


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