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Stop Belly Fat

Tummy Fattening Foods To Avoid 

Dangerous Additives are secretly hiding in dozens of foods within your kitchen.
These additives can cause obesity and these are foods that you’re eating, and feeding to your family, each and every day.

 Some of these foods are …..


Cereals – (even those advertised as healthy for children), crackers, breads, chips, pretzels, and pasta

MuesliI don’t know what it is about muesli that seems to lure in those of us in search of a ‘healthy’ breakfast option. Yes it does have healthy grains , however, add in oils, and corn syrup and our muesli just turned into a hip bulging breakfast

‘Lite’ or ‘Fat Free’ or ‘Diet’ foods many of these lite and fat free foods taste ok, but if you think about it,  you realize that in order to boost the flavour WHILE removing the fat, something else has to take its place.That’s Sugar! What appears to be a healthy option winds up being nothing more than a high calorie fat for carb swap.

Condimentstomato sauce, jelly, jams, syrups, gravies, and sauces

Dried, canned, and cured meats

Fruit juice and Soft Drinks – if you make a habit of drinking fruit juices and soft drinks, your blood sugar will spike and crash more than the Stock market! You see, the main problem with fruit juice is that it is a form of ‘liquid calories’. Go check how much sugar is in a serving of orange juice and a coca-cola, you might be shocked to see that it’s practically the same! 10-12 teaspoons of sugar in each!

Processed Foods and Takeaways – this speaks for itself !


Salad dressings – including many low-fat and fat-free versions

Eat whole , clean, unprocessed foods as much as possible.

No microwaved dinners, processed snacks, or sugars.

This is  simple ….  vegetables, fruits, and whole grains make you a happier healthy person.

 When you start eating foods that are healthy and natural, your entire life is going to change.

You will feel it in your energy, in your digestion, and in the fat melting off of your body.

  You are what you eat. Choosing to eat healthy, is choosing to BE healthy.
Kisses Kim xxx

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